How To Plan Your Own Charity Event

charity event

Charity events are a fantastic way to raise money and support a good cause. You could arrange and set up your own event for your favourite charity. A lot of work goes into event planning, but with a little research, you can do it. Bring your local community together, improve your CV and throw an event to remember.

Follow this quick guide to organise a charity event.


You need to plan the event in detail. Think about which charity will receive the profits and where you will host the event. You need to plan dates, budgets, entertainment, and so much more. Make sure you have the time to plan and host the event before you commit to anything. You need to make this event the best it can be.


Budgeting is absolutely essential for a charity event. You need to make a profit that you can donate to charity. Draft a budget for the event and divide the fixed and variable expenses. For example, fixed expenses would include the venue, main entertainment and other essential factors. The variable expenses include décor, food and items you could go without. You can save a little money on the variable expenses if your fixed items are taken care of.


The venue is a big part of the event and often the highest cost. You need to have a rough idea of how many guests will be attending your event before booking a venue.

On the other hand, you could set up an online event using a virtual event platform. You can cut the cost of the venue hire and invite as many people as you like. People can donate online, and you can raise a huge profit for the charity.


You need to hold a few fundraisers to make a profit. Donations alone might not be enough. You could hold bake sales, raffles and a few games throughout the event to raise money.


You need to offer some entertainment to create a lively atmosphere at the event. You could hire performers, live music, comedians and much more. When people have enjoyed the event, they are far more likely to donate money in return.

While entertainment is important, you also need to celebrate the charity and all they do. Your event should educate people on how the chosen charity makes a difference. You could ask a few people from the charity to speak about their work, and show a video clip on their biggest achievements.


Ask local businesses to sponsor your event and boost your fundraising. The business could even gain a few customers from the event and gain exposure in the local area.

Hold a charity event and raise money for an important cause.

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