How To Properly Disinfect Your Hands And Body Without Damaging Your Skin


Ever since the pandemic started, washing our hands has proven to be one of the efficient ways to prevent the spreading of the virus. Unfortunately, dermatologists claim that using soap and sanitizers excessively has some downsides. This also applies to all of your body. Using the wrong soap or shower gel can dry out your skin, worsen your acne, or make your skin weaker. However, that doesn’t mean that we should stop using soap or hand sanitizers. It just means that we should find the right alternative that removes the harmful bacteria without damaging the skin. Here are some efficient ways you can use to disinfect your hands and body without damaging your skin.

Find The Right Temperature

Whether you’re washing your hands or body, always use warm water. Cold or hot water can leave your skin dry, strip all of your body’s natural oils, and enhance the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand, using warm water can kill bacteria and viruses, improves your immune system by regulating your blood flow, and will keep your skin healthy. 

Replace Sanitizers With Soap

How To Properly Disinfect Your Hands And Body Without Damaging Your Skin

The best way to disinfect your hands is by washing them with soap. If using soap is not available, then you can use hand sanitizers. It’s not recommended to use sanitizers too often and only treat it as a second option. Alcohol-based sanitizers are the number one cause of damaged skin, because alcohol strips all the water in your hands, leaving it dry. Another way to keep your hands clean without causing any damage is by applying moisturizers right after using sanitizers. You can use the sanitizers you prefer, leave it to dry, then apply any hand cream or ointment of your choice. 

Use Antibacterial Body Wash

If you want to ensure that your hands and body aren’t holding any germs or viruses, then you should use an antibacterial body wash because not all soaps and cleansers are created equally; some of them are effective and others aren’t effective at all. Some may remove all bacteria including the useful ones, while a few antibacterial body wash will only remove the harmful bacteria. You should also pay attention to the soap’s pH level. The body’s natural pH is 5.5. If you choose an antibacterial with a high pH level, your body will try to fight it in order to restore its original level. However, this process could leave your skin too oily and give you acne. 

Know Your Skin Type

If your skin is always damaged no matter what type of cleanser you’re using, you’re probably using the wrong soap for your skin type. Before buying any antibacterial soap or body wash, you should ensure that it matches your skin type. If you have dry skin, avoid oily cleansers and body wash as it’s created to remove all the excess oils from the skin. For oily skin, use a foaming cleanser designed to balance the pH level. This way you’ll reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent the spread of any virus on your hands and body. Choose a gentle body wash for sensitive skin as normal soap contains harsh ingredients that damage the skin. Knowing your skin type will allow you to disinfect your hands and body without the risk of damaging it. 

Use Natural Soap and Scrubs

Regular bar soaps, scrubs, and shower gels are harsh on almost all skin types as they contain high pH levels. Either choose one that matches your skin type or switch to an all-natural soap and scrubs. You can choose an oil cleanser that traps bacteria, dirt, and dead cells and can be easily rinsed with warm water. If you want to disinfect your body with scrubs, you can use sugar, coffee, or salt scrub. These natural scrubs will clean and remove dead cells without causing your body to dry out. 

Switch to Dry Brushing

Many people use a loofah for exfoliating, not knowing that it can be the ideal place for bacteria and germs to form. It’s important to remove dead skin regularly as it can hold viruses, bacteria and cause breakouts, but using a loofah to remove dead skin can spread the bacteria all over your body instead of getting rid of them. Dry brushing is the best alternative to exfoliating your body. It removes all unwanted skin and promotes the production of healthy oils. 

How To Properly Disinfect Your Hands And Body Without Damaging Your Skin

Ensuring your hands and body are clean can be a tricky process as many things can damage your skin. It’s essential to disinfect our hands regularly, but it’s also important to take care of our skin. Use hand creams and lotions after washing your hands or using an alcohol-based sanitizer to keep it moisturized. Also, make sure to dry your hands properly with a clean towel after washing them to prevent the spreading of germs. 

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