How to save money when booking hotels


The hardest part of the holiday planning is looking for the good hotels under your budget. The hotel is often the most costly part of the tour so it’s really important to find a good one considering the comfort, reviews and of course money.

Notching a great lodging deal can be the difference between a reasonable escape and an overpriced one and can really trek up your total overhead.

Apart from using hotel price comparison sites, there are a handful of hacks to get better hotels in your budget. From dodging extra charges and costly places to bouncing on free promotions and looking for special deals, here are 10 best tips for saving money when booking hotels.

What style of holiday you’re planning?

Before everything, ask yourself and your companions what’s important and what style of holiday you’re planning. Are you scheduling to pass most of your time kicking back at the hotel or discovering the best of the place? Bear this in mind all through your hunt as you don’t require an extravagance hotel if you won’t be spending your most of the time there. For such type of vacation you will need an extravagant car hire service like disney limo service to make sure that you travel with style and comfort.

Have a financial plan

Before searching for hoteling and lodging, write down your budget and plan. Hunting through hotel websites and travel reviews will be greatly relaxed, and inexpensive, if you have a night charges in mind, ensuring you don’t go too unreasonable during the search process.

Choose your dates wisely

Certainly, the best way to save money on accommodation is to plan your trip other than holidays, weekends, big festivals and events. These are the days when prices are hiked up. Avoiding these periods will save you a massive amount of money and you’ll escape the packs of holidaymakers.

But, also it’s not always possible to travel on weekdays due to work and stuff. Sunday night holidays are generally low-priced than Friday night holidays so it’s better idea to take Monday off instead of Friday because of reasonable rates.

Look out for special deals and bank discounts

Sometimes, travel agencies offer a complete travel package including airfare, visa and accommodations. They are comparatively cheap and stress-free. Before the holiday booking season, search for the special offers from your banks, too. There are deals you can avail by paying your certain debit or credit card.

Don’t be afraid to Ask for Promotions

There’s a motto, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’. At times, we are shy to ask for upgrades and rest grabs the offer by just simply asking politely.  You could be lucky when asking and actually getting discounts like others. So, don’t afraid if you want to save money.

Plan In advance

The majority of good deals are taken in advance, and if you have the tractability to plan well ahead, take benefit of it. Some travel agencies are aware of the upcoming great deals of the hotels or there are websites that will allow you to reserve as much as 6 months before the holiday break.


Usually, the travel agencies offer great discounts and advantages because of the memberships with the hotels. Such offers allow you to grab comfy and luxurious rooms in your budget. Some hotels offer special discounts for the certain periods due to their anniversary or something, look out to grab such offers.

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