How to Take Care of Your Jet Ski

More often than not, people think that owning a jet ski is all fun and games. The truth is, a jet ski requires frequent maintenance to be safe to use every time you feel like hitting the waves. Here are some of the most important aspects of maintaining your jet ski.

Washing regularly 

It might seem foolish that you would have to wash your jet ski having in mind it runs through the water. The truth is that saltwater doesn’t do much cleaning. Not even riding in freshwater will take care of all the necessary maintenance. The reason behind this is that there are a lot of nooks that are impossible to reach in any way other than with a personal touch. Your jet ski might look shiny right after a ride, but there are many tricky little places the dirt and debris can get stuck in.

To completely clean your jet ski, you should first be able to locate all of the accessories. If you have trouble doing so, consult the manual that came with your watercraft. Once you can remove them you will have access to most of your craft. The next step is to simply hose down your jet ski, and make sure to wash out all the debris and possible saltwater from the compartments, however, make sure you don’t get any water into the engine or any electrical areas. 

Flush out the insides

Even though flushing involves water, it’s a slightly different process of maintaining your jet ski than washing it. Flushing is a crucial aspect nonetheless, which will ensure your craft will last you a lifetime. In this process, the water is used to “flush” the internal part of your jet skis such as pump and cooling systems to remove any traces of salt and debris from the interior which would otherwise damage the whole system. Always have in mind that you must flush out and wash your vehicle needles of the type of water you’ve been riding in. 

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your jet ski is not tilted to one side or the other. Once again, because not all jet skis are the same, do not refrain from using your manual to figure out what kind of method will work best. Most manuals have detailed instructions that will ensure the best maintenance for your jet ski. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a special cleaner that will ensure the insides of your jet ski remain in mint shape.

Prevent any damage

One of the ways jet skis lose on their value is by needing to have their bottom repainted. Bottom paint, also known as antifouling paint, is designed to discourage any aquatic organisms from attaching themselves and ruining the underwater portion of the jet ski. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep your jet ski on a jet ski lift. Expert at explain that quality jet ski lifts will not only prevent damage to the bottom paint, but they will also keep it safe from potential storm damage and vandalism. Installing a lift will inherently save you money by preventing any costs that occur because your jet ski has been damaged. Besides being cheaper to install than most people think, they practically pay for themselves in a span of a few years.  

Fuel maintenance

A crucial aspect of jet ski maintenance is to make sure the fuel tank stays full. This part of maintenance also involves removing old and unused fuel from the tank at the start of the riding season. Combining all of these aspects of fuel maintenance will keep your jet ski prepared and safe for whenever you want to hit the waves. Consult your manual on how to perform all of these maintenance tasks, as different models will have different kinds of needs. Newer models have separate areas for oil and fuel as opposed to older models where you will need to mix the fuel and the oil before pouring it in the tank.

If you are planning to store your jet ski during the winter, you must ensure the tank is topped off to prevent any condensation forming. After the season has passed, always be sure to remove the old fuel with a new one before using it.

All of these maintenance aspects should be performed on a regular basis, however, certain checks should only be made by specialized technicians. Maintain your jet ski regularly and know when to consult an expert and it will last you a long time.

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