How to Use Instagram Analytics to Grow Engagement and Followers

Instagram engagement is crucial for getting more number of followers. And if you understand the analytics you can get more Instagram engagement. Instagram analytics help you to make a successful content strategy. You will be able to create engaging content that will entice your target audience. The more you get engagement, the more you gain followers. In this article, we will talk about how to use Instagram analytics to get more engagement ratio that ultimately gives you a number of followers with buying real active Instagram followers.

Track Your Instagram Follower Growth:

All you need to monitor and track the growth of your followers using Instagram follower analytics. Take a look at how many new people follow in each week. Track your followers’ growth over time and save the data in a spreadsheet. Review it each month and see how quickly your account is growing.

See Where Your Instagram Followers Are Located:

It is essential to know that where your followers are based. Instagram insights help you to see their locations. Plus, you can also see that what percentage of your audience are in different cities all around the world.

Find out Your Instagram Followers’ Gender and Age:

You can get the age and gender metrics of your followers using Instagram analytics. It ensures you that you are reaching the right target audience for your business. Also, you can get the idea what type of content you post on your account and what is the best time to post.

Find out When Your Followers Are Most Active:

Although you can get a number of followers by buying real Instagram followers if you are using organic way then you must know about what time to post is best. Check out when your followers are most active on Instagram. For instance, you will see more engagement on Sunday morning, consider posting more frequently on Sundays and less during the whole week. Similarly, post on the right time of each day e.g. post on morning and evening time will rack up your post engagement. There are some tips that you need to follow when you are going to change your content strategy.

Don’t have an immediate reaction to your Instagram analytics.

It is good to keep an eye on the patterns across your content but doesn’t have an immediate reaction to the analytics or change your strategy based on the one-off Instagram post.

    Review your stellar and flop posts.

You should learn from both types of post that performed the best or get flopped. Don’t only look at your top posts after each month. Check out why your post did not perform well.

    A/B test to improve your content:

Over time, consider tracking the trends or A/B test to improve your content including hashtags and type of content and see which one improve your number count. Regardless of whether you have a good grip with understanding Instagram native analytics or just starting out on Instagram, keep in mind that your account is always in flux.

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