Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads for Your Business

Currently, LinkedIn is scaling to becoming one of the most popular social platforms in the world, especially for business intrigues. If you are curiously looking for the best growing applications for business growth, you need some knowledge of what to avoid too. Therefore, Linkelead review by Jonathon has been provided you can go through. Contrary to other social media channels where users join for fun and entertainment, LinkedIn has been known to provide a serious business and networking platform.

With such perception, LinkedIn is the best place to hunt for leads and careers compared to Facebook and Twitter where there are more social expose with less networking. Therefore, being a business owner, this should be your number one go-to social platform for marketing strategies. LinkedIn brings you significant leads with other opportunities including referrals, engagements, and more professional awareness.

What’s unfortunate is that few people know how to leverage LinkedIn perfectly for lead generation. If you fall in this fold, consider the following tips on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business seamlessly.

1. Make Your Business Profile Discoverable

SEO doesn’t solely work for Google. For social platforms, including LinkedIn, making your profile easily discoverable has the potential of boosting your numbers and leads for your business. Some of the few things to notch when working on your profile include;

Ensure your profile is 100% complete – “All-Stars” status

Upload all your relevant work experiences with a job title and descriptions

Proper use of keywords. Use keywords you would want your profile to rank for.

Make good use of anchor text

Join several relevant groups

Request professional or customer recommendations.

2. Cold Connecting

Creating and optimizing your profile is perhaps what everybody speaks of when leads generation with LinkedIn comes up. Well, it is a key step that creates a significant impact. Beyond this is cold connecting is a common and simple tactic used by several brands. This method uses LinkedIn search function to connect with people. Through the search function, you can search for users who will likely to be your prospects. You can also use social media bots like Linkedhelper, Duxsoup or Surge to automate this process.

Whereas cold calling can result in a low conversion rate, it can be a useful and incredibly profitable tactic once scaled well. Note that this tactic connects you to people without an introduction. Therefore, you will have to work hard to convert them into paying customers. A common approach is engaging in light conversation and meet if possible before trying to sell.

3. Warm Connecting

Whereas cold connecting is best for those who have no connections on LinkedIn yet, this method is ideal for users with an introduction. Warm contacts have a high percentage of converting, as they have either been directed to you or introduced by someone they know.

The best way to handle this is reaching out to mutual connections and asking them for an introduction to their contacts. To ease this, you can send your colleague a short list of contacts you would want to connect with and a paragraph of what they should pass through. This will drastically reduce the effort required by your contact person and increases the chances of putting the word through.

4. Participate in Group Discussions

Besides connecting with people, you should consider working with groups to market your brand name. Most LinkedIn users click on the names of individuals who ignite engaging conversations to find out more about them. If you do so, this gives you an opportunity to boost your brand awareness.

With your business account, you can join as many groups related to your niche as possible to open more opportunities for marketing your brand. Avoid leaving short comments that can be deemed meaningless like most people do, but try jotting down insightful comments that add some value to the discussion underway.

Displaying your knowledge in a given niche within the group will not only increase the chances of more people flocking your profile but will also encourage other users to reply to your comment. This will fuel more conversations, making your comment rank among the top comments.

One thing to watch out when doing this is you should avoid a salesly comment. If you are well versed with LinkedIn’s rules, posting too much salesly comments risks can jeopardise the account. You comment may be deleted by the automatic LinkedIn spam filter or turn off the comment’s potential.

Creating your own group is the other powerful way of generating new leads and building authority within your niche. Whereas creating a LinkedIn group is easy, growing and maintaining might not be that simple. Once you have created your group, add content before inviting members to the group.

5. Post Frequently and Share Content

Businesses who get a lot of attention and acquire leads are those that dare to go viral. If you are just starting up with LinkedIn, you might know this, but individual LinkedIn posts can go viral, just like Twitter and Facebook posts. Brands who manage to pull this report a massive surge in leads and traffic.

Just like Facebook, you can post status updates on LinkedIn and share your content with other users. If your content is good, your connects will see and potentially share it with their contacts. The wide your content spreads, the more awareness your brand gets.

The best approach to this is posting your content directly to the platform rather than sharing a link from your website. LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes content on their site more than linked articles and videos from external websites. The logic behind this is simple; it keeps connects active on LinkedIn, boosting revenue for the company.

In addition to the organic methods outlined above, there are other paid methods you can use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business. Among them is sponsoring your most valuable content to generate more leads. You can also opt for a sponsored InMail campaign that allows you to reach LinkedIn inboxes of people with a voice in your niche. Thirdly, you can take advantage of personalized, dynamic ads. With these, you can target LinkedIn users with specific messages touching on your goals. Though quite costly, they are a sure way of getting generous leads.

Final Thoughts

Succeeding and generating sales through LinkedIn leads is certainly time-consuming. It may even take months before actionable results are evident. Rather than going for costly LinkedIn marketing strategies, consider these healthy habits, that though slow, will ultimately result in significant leads.

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