Ideas for Giving a New Life to your Hat with Hatbands and other Accessories

Ideas for Giving a New Life to your Hat with Hatbands and other Accessories

Hats define your style and help bring out the best in you when you want to make a mark by standing out from the crowd. Hats have become essential accessories for men (women were already into it) just second to watches, and both have become synonymous with men’s fashion.  The majority of the outfit consists of clothing, but you must have the right accessories like hats that emphasize your personal style to give it completeness.

Hats are not as essential as clothing like shirts and trousers, shoes and dresses but not having a hat could make you miss making a mark. Clothes give you allure, but hats are indispensable for styling. To have the right outfit, you must balance the two components perfectly. Both are equally significant for an outfit, and they work together to create an ensemble that expresses your identity and style.

Hats are acquiring more importance, and buying a hat of your choice from will be your first step in adding an extra flair to your outfit. Wearing a hat that perfectly suits the occasion will only lend more character to your personality and give you a sense of pride as you enjoy the adulation visible in the eyes of the people you meet. Remember that just like clothing, there are specific hats meant for certain occasions while others are for casual wear and versatile in their appeal.

Hatbands expand your styling options

How many hats you should ideally have is difficult to tell, but starting with a few and then expanding the collection by innovative use of hat bands can add more variety to your hat collection. Hatbands are attractive hat accessories that help change your hat’s look whenever you want without having to buy a new hat. Adding accessories is a great way to augment your hat inventory and create new styles without changing hats. Any fashion enthusiast who has a penchant for hats knows the importance of having a good stock of hat bands to change their styling from time to time by giving a whole new look to your hats.

The possibilities are endless in accessorizing hats as you can interchange the accessories to create new styles, and here are some options for you to consider.

 Horsehair hatbands

Cowboy hats are just what you need to replicate the vintage fashion that has become timeless and can add a dash to your outfit by adding an excellent visual effect to your hat. While cowboy hats have their appeal, you can add a mark of your style to them by using cowboy hatbands. A wide variety of these hatbands are available. From braided horsehair bands to bands adorned with lace, Conchos, skulls, and trinkets make each band look unique. The braided horse hair bands suit women’s hats who can style it by adjusting the knots and tassels in their creative ways.

 Pins and brooches

Fashion is all about thinking creatively to use accessories in innovative ways to make hats look unique and add flair to your styling abilities. Just like hatbands, brooches, too, are helpful accessories to decorate hats and add a fresh look to your old hat that never loses its appeal. Turn to your parent’s collection of brooches that they had perhaps used for holding clothes together to achieve better fitting but for you, and the use is entirely different. Brooches are one of the most versatile and fun accessories, with endless opportunities to use them with your clothing and hats. You can place the brooches wherever you like, on your dress or your hat, depending on the kind of style statement that you want to make. Attaching a brooch or pin to your hat can add a little bit of edge and some personality. Choose some intricately designed brooch for your hat that will make you stand out from the crowd as it draws all attention.


No, you need not work very hard to add a feather to your cap because you can pick up a feather from the fashion store to give a facelift to your old hat that regains its old glory but with a new look. Feathers add a natural elegance to hats, and the more unique and elaborate is the feather, the more dramatic its appeal will be.  The feather placement is critical to enhancing its appeal and whether you use a single feather of a bunch of feathers determines the placement. To keep a big feather well seated in its place upon the hat, you can use a pin.

Scarves also serve as accessories for hats, and by tying a headscarf to the base of the hat; you can characterize your hat entirely in your way. There are many style you can adopt.

Written by George K.

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