Some Hair Styling Products for Thin Hair

Individuals with thin hair know too well how challenging it is to style this type of hair.  Thin hair poses a problem whether you are from washing the hair or have just had a fresh clipper haircut. Thankfully, the market is filled with styling products you can use to wear the hairstyles you love. Let’s look at some of the products that come highly recommended.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

This is a no-shine product that offers users a premium strong hold. Without a doubt, it is one of the best pomades in the market. Using this allows you to explore a variety of styling options without a problem. Its main ingredients include all-natural kaolin clay and beeswax that are hair friendly.

This pomade works by offering texture and lift to thin hair. This is not it because it also leaves you with a matte finish that helps the hair appear more voluminous. Use this product when going for a messier natural look. Note that the product usually feels thick straight from the container. Do not let this fool you, it fast becomes pliable making it very easy to use.

Pureology Clean Volume Instant Levitation Mist Hairspray

This is an incredible leave in spray. It acts as a heat protectant that also conditions the hair, gives the root some lift, and builds body. Additionally, it also features nourishing soy proteins, aloe water, and AntiFade Complex making it an incredible choice for coloured fine hair. For the best results, use about 4 pumps applying it to the root area directly. Using a blow-dryer afterwards helps to maximize volume.

VERB Sea Salt Spray

Working like a dry shampoo powder, this is a styling product that absorbs all the extra oil on your hair. This way, it ends up texturizing and plumping your hair. The reason this product is loved by many is that it gives you that beach day effect even when it is freezing cold. This allows you to rock a touchable, carefree, and lightweight volume. Use this after washing the hair and towel-drying the mane. Spritz the product in before blow drying. Note that this sea salt spray is ideal for longer styles i.e. 2 inches and above.

Toppik Hair Building Fibres

It is one of the easiest hair styling products to use on this list. Just spray it on the hair and you are good to go. You need this because the fibres on the product clinch to the hair to come up with a fuller and thicker look. It is formulated from natural keratin protein and is rain, wind, and perspiring resistant. You will also be happy to learn that you can easily remove this with your favourite shampoo.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

This is another option available when you want to get great texture and volume effortlessly. The product is designed to boost volume while at the same time acting as a dry shampoo. It helps to get rid of extra oil which means that you will get an opportunity to put on the style you want for an extra day.

All this is thanks to its ingredients made from a blend of natural antioxidants, and actives that boost the growth of healthy hair. The product also contains wheat protein that does an excellent job at fortifying and strengthening each hair strand.


Not everyone is fortunate to have thick hair. There are plenty of reasons why you would have thin, sparse, or flat strands. Luckily, you do not have to step out with the hair looking its worst. There are loads of quality styling products that will help you plump up the hair so it appears to have more volume and thickness.

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