Is Maple syrup healthy?

The sweet nectar of the maple tree is used to make maple syrup. Trees are tapped to collect sap, which is then boiled into syrup as part of the process. The sap is available for collection when the sugar flows up the tree during spring & combines with the water. Throughout the summer and autumn, maple trees gather and retain starch in their origins & trunks. The starch has accumulated over time, making it simple to turn it into sugar.

In addition to its inherent sweetness and caramel flavour, maple syrup also benefits your health. Yes, each tablespoon of natural maple syrup contains minerals like riboflavin, calcium, zinc, magnesium, plus potassium in addition to its rich antioxidant content. So, in contrast to honey, which has more calories, maple syrup offers many nutrients and antioxidants.

Advantages of maple syrup for health

Nearly all of the calories within maple syrup originate from carbs because sugars, including sucrose and glucose, comprise most of their composition. Consequently, adding maple syrup to your diet will benefit those who lead an active lifestyle. Let’s look at some benefits of maple syrup –

Beneficial for the nervous system and brain. 

Manganese, which is plentiful in maple syrup, is among the essential nutrients for the well-being of the nervous system and brain. The sap, too, is abundant in phenols, which stop the clumping of peptides inside the brain. By doing this, neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s are halted.

Packed with Antioxidants

Approximately 24 antioxidants are present in pure maple syrup. Additionally, it has a variety of additional substances that aid in promoting well-being. For example, both benzoic acid, essential for good skin, and gallic acid, which helps avoid gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, metabolic, or cognitive diseases, are present in maple syrup.

Improves Libido

The excellent mineral zinc is essential for men’s reproductive health. Additionally, it aids in avoiding prostate enlargement. The zinc content of pure maple syrup is also very high.

When paired with manganese, this abundant amount of zinc contributes significantly to both men’s and women’s sexual wellness and aids in synthesizing hormone levels for both sexes.

What ingredients are included in maple syrup?

Lots and lots of sweetness! Although maple syrup contains about 60% sucrose (sugar), its antioxidants distinguish it from processed sugar.

Natural maple syrup, 20g (1 tbsp), contains: 

Zinc – 6% Daily Value (DV)

1% DV of iron

1% DV for calcium

1% DV for potassium

It also includes trace amounts of amino, vitamins B2, B5, B6, biotin, niacin, & folic acid.

Compared to sugar, is syrup healthier?

If we are talking about is maple syrup healthy, then. Yes, a little bit, as it has some nutrition. Two tablespoons include modest levels of minerals calcium, potassium, & zinc, along with the B vitamins riboflavin & manganese. Natural maple syrup also has antioxidants. Although many alternative foods contain the same benefits without high calories and sugar, two tablespoons contain 104 calories plus 24 grams of sugar. Most sugars within maple syrup are categorized as “refined sugar” in the diet; thus, cutting back on your consumption is more crucial than the specific additional sugars you consume.


Despite having some antioxidants and vitamins, maple syrup is highly sugar-heavy. Comparing maple syrup with the whole usage of vegetables, fruits, or unfiltered animal foods, this is a very poor supplier of nutrients and calories for calories.

Pure, high-quality maple syrup can likely improve health when substituted for refined sugar; however, increasing it in your meals will only worsen matters. Unlike coconut sugar, syrup is a healthier kind of sugar. However, this cannot be categorically categorized as beneficial. Like all sugars, it’s advisable to use restraint if you do use it.

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