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You love longboarding but sometimes it is frustrating to find the right longboard or learn how to ride it? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce best website which provides all the information you need about longboarding.

Why is the best website for you?

Dedicated for longboard and skateboard lovers, this website has everything you are looking for!

Useful information for longboarders

No matter if you are a beginner or you have practiced longboarding for a while, the website is still useful for you. helps you choose the best longboard for your needs. Selecting a suitable longboard is very important for you to start out. So why don’t you visit the website and listen to the helpful advice from experienced players?

The website helps you select a suitable longboard

Protective tools you should get

In any case, safety should be a priority. For longboarders, choosing an ideal longboard is crucial, however, it is not enough. You need to buy some protective tools such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc…They will protect you from any possible fall, which you can’t avoid when you longboard.

Some tricks for longboarders

When you try a new thing, a sport or game, learning some tricks is always helpful. provides useful tips and tricks from professional players, which helps you learn about longboarding faster and easier. For example, it will show you how to powerslide on a longboard, how to make the best slide, etc…

The website has a friendly and easy-to-use interface

Check out and you will see how simple the interface is. There is a menu bar where you can find information on Longboard, Skateboard, Safety, Tricks and Home.

Home is where all the popular articles and recent posts are shown. If you need information on longboards or skateboards, check out the “Longboard” and “Skateboard” on the menu bar. Click on Safety, you will see details about protective tools that you should get. Last but not least, learn some tips from experienced players from “Tricks”. This website will make things easier for you, as all your questions will be answered.

Why should you get a longboard? 

Many people start longboarding because they want to surf the streets, or learn new riding skills. Others want to meet new people or get around the area fast and easy. There are many reasons why you should get a longboard, here are some of them.

#1: Get in shape

Longboarding offers a good workout just like cardio. Whenever you ride a longboard, your blood starts pumping and you can feel the body temperature rises, depending on your pace. For some longboarders, it can replace running. But longboard riding has a low impact on your joints, so it is better.

Longboarding is a good workout

This is a new kind of cardio training which helps improve your joint mobility, especially for your hips and lower spine. If you keep pushing and carving for a long time, you need to expect to put a lot of strength. Because the muscles from thighs, calves, ab and lumbar are put to hard work, but in a gentle way.

If you are one of those freestyle riders, your workout will be much tougher. You will have to do all the kick flipping, explosive movements, and hard landings. In addition, riding a longboard also helps you improve your balance. After doing it for a while, you will be amazed at how much and how fast your balancing skills improve.

#2: Get around your town easily

If you haven’t realised, a longboard is an easy and fun transportation. You can ride your longboard to go to the grocery store or somewhere around the neighborhood. Some people even go to work or school with a longboard, depending on where you live. Riding a longboard around the town or the city can bring a lot of fun. This is also eco-friendly transportation. However, if you ride around the city, you probably need a nimble cruiser type of board that is responsive and fast turning. It needs to have a kicktail for you to ride on and off sidewalks.

If you ride to a bus station, your ideal longboard would be a larger, more stable and pushable one. It will help you ride over longer distances faster. No matter where you ride your longboard to, you will save a lot of money on fuel because you will do less driving. It also keeps you active and fit. However, make sure you know how to put the brake on, respect road rules, and more importantly, wear appropriate protective tools such as a helmet or knee pads before using your longboard as a means of transportation. You can find which protective tools you need on 

#3: Join a social group

You will meet new people with the same hobby

When you get a longboard and learn how to use it, you will meet new people who are interested in the sport. You will be surprised when you know how many people are into longboards around you. In general, longboarders are a friendly group who always welcome new players. They are people who have different backgrounds from age, job, style, gender, to skills…, but they all love longboarding. 

If you ride your longboard for relaxing, it will be easy for you to find lots of cool people to hang out with. Longboarding is a healthy hobby which people would love to do in their free time and on weekends. In addition, riding along beaches or parks with your friends or family members is very pleasant and relaxing. You can also longboard when you are stressed. It is an enjoyable way to get away from your work. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a quality longboard. But what you get from it is massive. Not only will you get a better body shape, more friends to hangout, but you can also save money on fuel, acquire some new physical skills. Check out to choose the best longboard for you and practice!

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