Luxe Basic: How to Blend Designer Glamour With a Minimalist Aesthetic

Luxe Basic: How to Blend Designer Glamour With a Minimalist Aesthetic

If you’re an avid collector of designer goods, you’re most likely familiar with the eternal question that plagues all style-conscious folk: how do we style with designer accessories? It can be tricky figuring out how to balance designer products with the rest of your outfit, especially now that the minimalist aesthetic is coming back into vogue. What you may not know, though, is that designer glamour and minimalism actually do go hand in hand rather effortlessly. Want to learn some little tips and tricks for nailing your glam day-to-day looks? Read on!

Select one label

As a rule of thumb, any glam outfit should incorporate only one major label. Wearing any more than one major label is aptly called label-touting and it is never fashionable. Label-touting is especially gauche if you’re looking to adopt minimalist design principles, as wearing multiple designer pieces is likely to make your outfit look very visually noisy. Start building your outfit by choosing only one designer piece like a Givenchy bag or some Louboutins, and use that singular piece as a foundation for the rest of your look.

If you’re going for a look that’s subtle in its designer glam, go for smaller accessories like delicate jewellery. For a more luxe look, feel free to make your singular designer piece a branded sweater or something that loudly displays a distinguished logo. Labels like Gucci and Kenzo have some gorgeous branded clothing that can be effortlessly paired with your timeless sneakers and blue jeans.

Work with one pattern or texture

There are a few big brands in global fashion that have revisited their logo designs with the express purpose of utilising minimalist design principles to elevate both the sleekness and versatility of their designer pieces. Louis Vuitton has scaled back their logo to just two bold initials, and have also leaned into their signature monogram print, creating a myriad of monogrammed products alongside continuing their line of renowned bags. But why make so many products with the same pattern? Because it provides you, the consumer, with the ability to place that pattern anywhere in your outfit. You can wear your monogrammed shawl on one day and your tights the next, experimenting with a different accessory each day and finding new ways to express your individual style with all your favourite designer pieces.

Using Louis Vuitton as an example again here for experimenting with colour and texture too, the striking brown and gold colour scheme of their monogram look also has a reputation for being effortless to style. As the brown leather monogram bags can be paired with any combination of brown leather belts and shoes, so too should any textured designer piece work similarly well with clothing that also shares that same texture. If you’re worried your designer piece may not stand out as a result, remember that standing out is never the end goal of the minimalist aesthetic. Always aim for subtle elegance above all else.

Embrace monochromatic looks

Drawing on from working with one pattern or texture, your outfit is always more likely to adhere to the minimalist aesthetic if you keep your outfits as simple to the eye as possible. This is why monochromatic colour schemes are always guaranteed to serve the most striking looks. Layering black on black will always yield a fierce outfit, but layering blue on blue or red on red can create a whole, new feel that’s unique to you based on how you approach your styling. In any case, monochromatic looks will always be nothing short of dynamic, and you should feel encouraged to delve into this bold style to attain peak minimalist vibes.

Incorporate elements of streetwear

The most fantastic evolution that occurred in the fashion world over the past twenty years is the perfect union between designer accessories and streetwear.

The resurgence of streetwear in high fashion can be attributed to more than just sponsorship deals with athletes and other celebrities. There’s been a growing need for functionality in high fashion to increase the overall sustainability of the industry. The fantastic thing about streetwear is that this style perfectly encapsulates all the most vital elements of the minimalist aesthetic. Designer streetwear tends to be monochromatic, with tops and pants available in matching sets. Luxe streetwear also has a knack for being effortless to style. There’s something truly liberating about leaving the house looking flawless in your favourite comfy hoodie, sweatpants, and sneakers, with your go-to Gucci bag casually slung over your shoulder like you don’t have a care in the world. And that’s essentially what minimalism is all about.

As you can see, wearing designer pieces doesn’t necessarily mean doing yourself up every day. In reality, your designer accessories are really just elements of your personal look that are there to make you feel elevated over anything else. As long as you wear your pieces with confidence, and love every look you’re in, you’ll be experiencing all the personal benefits that the minimalist aesthetic can have for you. Being luxe is truly just the tip of the iceberg.

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