Top Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner

Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner

You’re interested in improving your relationship with your significant other. I applaud you. Couples should never stop looking for ways to keep the fire burning and stoke it to burn even brighter. It doesn’t take anything grand, necessarily, to make your relationship better, unless something quite terrible has occurred and you now need to move heaven and earth. If this is not your situation, then ushering your partnership to new heights should be a joyous adventure.

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Reminisce with each other on things of the past. How happy and free you two used to be. How much trouble you got into together. There must be many funny stories you can retell to have a fresh laugh. Laughter really does come from the soul and can unite two souls in the best way. Looking back on your history can prompt a change in the relationship that sets it back on a happier path.

Get More Intimate

Top Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner

No, not even sex. Intimacy is so much more than that. Get back into the habit of holding hands. Of whispering sweet nothings. Hug each other more. Give forehead kisses. Some of these actions seem to be going out of style or are being called old-fashioned. Persons in relationships might skip over these small yet significant ways to express love and dive directly into sex. Making someone feel loved and appreciated through kind and loving gestures that still hold true to chastity should be savored.

Take Time For Yourself

At times you need to first work on yourself before attempting to fix or improve your relationship. Introspection is hard but very necessary. You may feel emotions you cannot identify or find the source of. You may be overwhelmed, and feel triggered by something which occurred in the relationship but you are lost as to why. Have a serious and thorough talk with yourself. Unsure how to start, visit RebelLove for some pointers on how to address this. Even talking with others may give some clarification. Find someone with whom you feel close and safe. If that person is your partner, fantastic, baring your soul should draw you both that much closer.

Play Twenty Questions

Ask many more than twenty if you can come up with them. Really get to know each other. Don’t stop at the favorite color or best foods. Dive deeper. Ask personal questions that allow you greater insight into their lives, their families, their goals, and aspirations. Then you are able to see if you really connect on a core level. Return the favor by answering these same questions about yourself so your partner can get to know you on a more profound level also. Some things may come as surprises. You may laugh or cry. Both are good. Both take you deeper.

Give And Receive

Give gifts. These may be both tangible and intangible. If you are able, buy a token that reminds you of your partner and surprise them with it. This shows in a physical way that even when out of your presence, your thoughts still rest on them. Give of your time. Listen to them. Be more available to do nothing in particular with them. It may not seem like much to you, but to them, it could be the world. And just as you give, open yourself up to receive from your partner the gifts they are able to provide you. Learn to not judge each other harshly if what you receive does not line up with what you feel you deserve. Love can be shown in both the big and the small things.

Always Be Grateful

Thank you is a small phrase with large implications. Try not to take each other for granted. Recognize when something has been done for you and acknowledge it. It may be that something was not done and that in itself demands realization and respect. Never fall into the trap of thinking that you deserve one thing or the other and as such are not required to show appreciation. This will only serve to frustrate your partner. Always strive to uplift each other by being thankful even only for having each other.

You see, nothing extravagant is needed. Laugh with each other, shed some tears. Get closer in ways you might not have considered before. Explore one another by asking probing questions. If there are pre-set boundaries, respect those. Don’t ever push for more than the other is ready to give. Take some time to address your own needs so as not to unduly muddy the relationship waters. Be honest with yourself and with your partner.

Written by George K.

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