Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

Black is beautiful and comes in all shades.

South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech is truly the epitome of this.

Her moonshine dark skin has now taken the internet by storm, thus earning her the title “Queen Of Dark.”

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

Nyakim embraces her dark skin and is prepared to shut down anyone who has anything negative to say about it.

Just recently a crass Uber driver decided it was his job to ask if she would consider bleaching her gorgeous dark skin.

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

“I was [asked by] my Uber driver the other day, he said, ‘Don’t take this offensive but if you were given 10 thousand dollars would you bleach your skin for that amount?'” the goddess wrote on Instagram in late March.

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

“I couldn’t even respond I started laughing so hard.”

“[Then] he said, ‘So that a no’ and I was like hell to the f*king yeah [that’s] no.”

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

“Why on earth would I ever bleach this beautiful melanin God [blessed] me with,” she added.

“[Then] he said ‘so you look at it as a blessing?”

“You won’t believe the kind of questions I get and the kind of looks I get for having this skin.”

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Nyakim has been asked ridiculous and insensitive questions.

Speaking to Yahoo Beauty, the model admits that since moving to the U.S she’s been criticized on several occasions for her deep brown hue.

Nyakim says she shared her ‘Uber driver story’ to educate others and to encourage her followers to love the skin they’re in.

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

Nyakim was also left devastated when she received comments from strangers saying things like: “You’re black as hell, take a shower.”

But thanks to the support of her social media followers, which is 174,000 and rising, she’s found her inner confidence.

Nyakim says her sister also helped to boost her self-esteem by advising her:

‘The most satisfying feeling is when you are comfortable in your own skin and when you accept your beautiful dark, dark melanin.’

Nyakim, who now lives in Minneapolis, admits that even though she promotes skin positivity her journey to self-acceptance hasn’t always been so smooth.

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

“There was a time in my life where I considered bleaching myself to avoid the dirty looks, the laughter, and for boys to find me attractive,” she says.

Much like Nyakim, fellow model Khoudia Diop has also faced harsh discrimination for her skin tone.

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

She too reveals she was bullied for her skin tone. Growing up she was called “darky” and “daughter of the night” by her peers.

She decided to confront her bullies and now loves every inch of her melanin.

She’s now a high fashion model.

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

“As I grew, I learned to love myself more every day, and not pay attention to the negative people, which helped a lot,” Khoudia said.

“The message I have for my sisters is that how you look doesn’t matter as long as you feel beautiful inside.”

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

Another beautiful dark-skinned model called Lolita Makuey is proud of her skin and loving it. 

She calls herself ‘the black Hannah Montana.

She also has a large fan base with over 500k followers on Instagram.

Meet The Beautiful Sudanese Model Nicknamed The “Queen Of The Dark”

Nyakim, too, has a similar message of confidence, that will surely empower other black girls who don’t yet feel comfortable in their own skin due to society’s skewed perception of what beauty is.

“My skin absorbs the suns rays and my hair defies gravity,” she told her devoted followers on Instagram Monday. “Now you can’t tell me I’m not magical!”


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  1. She is so stunningly beautiful! I’m glad she refused to bleach her skin. The world has plenty of boring pale skin already and hers is perfect–and beyond perfect–the way it is.

  2. Absolutely beautiful inside and out so happy she has found self exceptence and not let an evil world define her… she has a soul and spirit like other human being no mater the color and That’s all that matter.

  3. Why is it okay for our people to be DARKEN in photos but all hell breaks loose if were lightened in photos?! I wish I could post ACTUAL REAL UNTOUCHED photos her in these comments!!

    • I am not mad but I do agree with you because she doesn’t look as super dark in all pictures. The same is true for the other model mentioned in the article, Khoudia. I love celebrating whatever we are but all of that gets accentuated and sometimes exploited in a photo shoot.

  4. It is ridiculous they are even calling her that name. If they didnt even address it as a thing, then I would say we were getting somewhere. Although her complexion is a shade extra dark, its really not uncommon or even worth talking about. What do we say about all the zombie pale white women who make up the industry?

    • Hey. It is OK TO CALL OUT OUR DIFFERENCES. What is not ok is saying one difference is better than another. I think this girl is completely and shockingly awesome looking, and yes it has a lot to do with how dark her skin is. If I saw someone with sky blue eyes I’d also say their eyes look awesome. Pretending not to see differences in people is terrible.

    • I am with you about skin shade shouldn’t be made a “thing”, but then don’t turn around and call naturally pale women “zombie pale white women”. They can’t help their skin tone either. And if white women try to TAN, then they get WRINKLES and look old, which they are also criticized for. So really, I don’t feel bad for black women, they have the prettiest skin in the world and I think they know it.

  5. This is another form of racism. “Queen of Darkness” and sensationalizing her because she’s “extra” dark. They treating this woman like a circus act.

    • Is it so wrong or is it her chosen trademark? While having skin that dark is not unheard of, it isn’t super common either. Is it any different than commenting on super pale skin of a model who is white or Asian and has had photos taken to emphasize that? What about people with trademark hair types and colors? Skin color is our identity. To pretend differences (especially strikingky beautiful and unique ones) don’t exist seems to be a same. We have had so much color blindness that has increased racial divisions to begin with. Whatever she wishes to be called, I think she’s beautiful. I hope the media and fashion industries continue to take steps forward (even though these are still baby steps) in exposing the world to beauty from as many different people as possible – skin color, ethnicity, age and body type.

      • Exactly Jaz!! Queen of the Dark is NOT a bad thing. If it sounds bad it’s because of the negativity that already exists. She does have super dark skin, and she is extremely stunning wearing it.

  6. She is Truly Gorgeous. Trust me though when I say it isn’t just that Absolutely Exquisite Pigment in her skin tone that gives her this natural beauty. This Beauty comes from Pure Soul and Undeniable Confidence of Self. Shine On Girl! ✨

  7. I am shocked to hear the driver suggestion to bleech this beautiful woman’s skin, he should have his brain tested.equally shocked to hear the equal ignorant racist to say tha white women are zombies. The skin colour of every human beings are part of this beautiful planet hearth’s heritage and no one has the wright to alter in any form and shapes. Only ignorant bigots racists dont see or appreciate this. What a shame and loss on their side. Thank goodness we dont all think in this prejudistic way. Black is beautiful and so is white and all other colours in between. Yes Nyakim, you are gorgeus

    • I agree Luigi. I think the point was that while it’s beautiful this woman is recognised for her striking beauty, she is being called ‘queen of the dark’, bringing focus to her unusually dark skin colour. Why? There is no ‘queen of the pale’ as it is taken for granted white is beautiful. But it is a step in the right direction at least to see this woman as beautiful. It hasn’t always been so which is why people still comment to her. It’s a message that dark skinned women had to wait for some model agency to grant them permission to enter into the world of accepted standards of beauty.

  8. I am thankful God is real . You are complete in God.He made you In His image . Don’t let this perverted society move you. You are perfection in action.

  9. I am thankful God is real . You are complete in God.He made you In His image . Don’t let this perverted society move you. You are pretty perfection in action.

  10. A human created in the image of God. Does He make mistakes? She is another attractive and beautiful woman.

  11. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with with keeping your skin color black, obviously. And she looks pretty. I do hope she remembers to use sure to supplement her diet with vitamin D due to her skin absorbing too much of the suns light up north. Just white people suffer from skin cancer when moving south, black people often suffer the from multiple negative effects of producing too little vitamin D when living up north.

  12. My best friend’s brother is almost as dark and beautiful … I’ve had a crush ever since I first saw him!

  13. I met a Kenyan girl that was unspeakably beautiful and also had the darkest skin I’d ever seen while conducting a Medical Civic Action Program clinic there when I was in the military. She was dirt poor living in a hut that looked like a pile of tumbleweeds. I’ll never forget her.

  14. She is beautiful. VERY hard to see her features on a monitor though. She should come to my place so I can look at her better :^)

  15. As an Hekate devote and son I’m absolutely offended by the criticism at the “name” “Queen of Dark”. While my Goddess is also called by that title AND perceiving how amazingly she(the model) reminds my own image (YES, I know Hekate origins are from Crete. And I’m strong enough to respect each vision of my Mother, BUT, one of her descriptions is “My skin is dark as the night”. Remember that not all Gods/Goddess/Deities are the exact or even similar to the people who They created. Thank you!) of the Night, Dark , Moon, Underwolrd, Magic etc Goddess.
    I’ll definitely send an email to whoever I find, if I get luck, Gatwech herself asking for permission to do a devotional drawing using her photos as reference.

  16. You are truly a beautiful woman and should never ever be ashamed of your skin color. Some of the worlds most beautiful woman are not white but of darker skin tones and I love it. It is about time the world recognizes all the beautiful skin tones of our world.

  17. Beautiful lady, I fear/wonder, with her being Sudanese, if she was subjected to the Female Mutilation, many tribes there, practice? Far too many young women have. David Bowie’s wife, Iman, was/is a victim. May you have a wonderful life young lady .

  18. If I ever needed a reason why my favorite color is black, you would be it! I couldn’t take my eyes off your picture till I noticed that there were more to look at. Your natural beauty shines like opals in the moonlight. Thanks for sharing your story and pics!

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  20. That is a beautiful woman!!! I dont understand how ppl can question someone about the color of their skin! We are all beautiful and made in Gods image. Her heart beats just like anyone else’s. THAT WOMAN IS LOVE! SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!

  21. I’m glad she wasn’t offended by the question though. In modern society: so many people are overly defensive and offended at the drop of a hat, and the other person asking you a question isn’t TRYING to offend you.

    Instead, if you “think” something is offensive, just educate the person. If that person has a different opinion that you, and you respond positively to their question, you might change their view entirely – or just open them up to a different aspect of your world they haven’t been exposed too.

  22. I’m loving it. Yet, hating that I wish my skin was like hers “One black complexion. I have 20 different skin tones.” (Just joke, but it’s not as beautifully even as hers) God Bless her!

  23. She Is beautiful just the way God made her and intended her to be. Why are people so mean especially something that you can’t help. Her skin is the tone and color God wanted it to be just like mine is. People need to stop criticizing something and calling it ugly just because it is not considered the norm for them. She is so beautiful.

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