Money Horoscope: Will Your Zodiac Sign Get Rich In 2020?

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Your task this year is to learn a new trade, way of interacting, or to undertake personal growth through travel and socializing.

Business definitely does mix with pleasure for Aries now. Attractions to new affiliations and group memberships will bring you much satisfaction.

In fact, there will be so much activity in this area, you’ll have trouble fitting all the new people and groups into your lifestyle.

Finding ways to nurture your goals will be important. If you put too much energy into one pursuit, and none in others, you’ll feel uncomfortable and out of balance.

Figure out how to be grounded in reality and still be able to stretch into your dreams. A very good basis for your future is being laid out now, which will help you find the perfect career eventually — but you have to be satisfied with doing the footwork for the time being.

Finances require that you have a savings plan, but that you also spend a little of the windfall that comes your way this year for luxuries or trips.

A conservative approach to dealing with the boss will also work well. Show those in charge how reliable you can be. This isn’t all that easy for Aries, who looks for the shortcut whenever possible.

Know when the shortcut is really appropriate, and when it’s just your way of checking out on responsibility.

You may enter into a lucrative business partnership. This other individual will enhance your image by being more of a traditionalist than you are.

For many Ariens, a company expense account will help you make travel dreams reality, but yes, you will have to work when you get to these distant places! Think of these periods as working vacations, which they will be. Balance, remember?

TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20)

You aren’t quite off the launch pad yet, but you are definitely storing up your knowledge of ways to become more secure, stabilized, and finite in your work habits.

But, you have another pull in the opposite direction that makes you feel confused from time to time this year. Uranus keeps urging you to let go and change, while Saturn holds you solidly in place — to your frustration.

Yet a lot of inner growth and learning are taking place. Don’t turn down a job that can teach you something this year, even if it isn’t your ultimate offer.

Also, don’t equate money with approval of who you are inside. Just because you are paid more or less is no gauge of your inner qualities really. You should concentrate on working toward a goal, and not be defined by your job title or salary level.

Thinking about this in the wrong way will cause you to feel less than you really are, Taurus.

Financial mergers will also attract you. A crisis may bring up the need for you to merge money, companies, or other assets with another person or group.

Do your background check before you accept another partner as reliable. This person may initially appear to be a good business risk, but do check him or her out before you sign on.

Relocation is another possibility this year. You may decide to move due to a job offer. Again, think strategically. Is the area one in which you can be happy? Are you willing to leave the familiar behind? This is something that many Taureans have trouble doing.

If you make changes, be certain you have enough of a support system through friends, relatives — or the company’s resources — to make your relocation and change the least disruptive and the most profitable that it can be.

GEMINI (May 21 – Jun 21)

You may have some problems being seen and heard this year. It’s not that you aren’t brimming full of ideas … you are. But for some reason, you’re also doing occasional disappearing acts. This is because you’re under heavy pressure to think up new solutions to ongoing problems.

Other people’s influence tends to make you leap too quickly onto what they think is right for you, not what you might really need or prefer. So, take your time — and take a powder — when you need to think without distracting static coming in from others. Just alert those you work with or for, so they know what to expect from you.

Learning — always easy for you — will be even easier. You’ll have an opportunity to form beneficial partnerships with others, but between September 29 through the end of the year, you are less lucky than you might believe. Use this time period to readjust your plans for expansion, rather than plunging ahead prematurely.

Jobs that interest you generally contain an element of intellect, writing, speaking, or communication. You can easily explain what you’re thinking, and present material in a witty, fun manner that makes learning fun. Therefore you make excellent teachers. If you’re thinking of writing a book, start this year.

You may find yourself involved — either in your business or personal life — with people who are powerful, charismatic figures. Relating on a one-to-one basis is more complex than usual, and you’ll learn a lot about wielding power (or being overpowered!) than you ever wanted to know. Keep in mind that transformation takes time, and manipulation is just another way of not wanting to ask outright for what you want.

CANCER (Jun 22 – Jul 22)

It’s likely you will change jobs in 2020. If you don’t, then coworkers or personnel will be changing around you. There seem to be relentless schedules to cope with, and the pressure could affect health if you aren’t careful.

Take sick days when you need them, and get enough rest. Eat properly. It’s these little things that will indirectly improve your work life.

You may want special attention yourself, but find you are giving it out to others instead of meeting your own needs. Business concerns are not just cut-and-dried factual issues for you.

Your feelings and intuition count. Instinctual and changeable, you will learn to pay more attention to what you already know to be true in 2020. Instead of farming out responsibility for handling what’s obvious, you’ll be more able to act on your own.

Creative growth counts. If you have artistic ability, this year will bring opportunity for you to express it. If you can’t draw a straight line, though, you’ll still benefit from learning more about what pleases the eye.

Decorating, cooking, and management of creative people are some fields you can grow into and through this year. Cancer people also have great charismatic appeal to audiences, and make good entertainers, actresses, and actors.

You’re the one others rely on at the office. You know where the staples are, have the phone numbers to the local deli for sandwiches, and keep an extra sweater around for the needy.

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

If you aren’t the star of the office, the boss, or otherwise in an elevated position, you are probably one sorry Lion. The issue this year is to start making headway toward your

To do that, you’ve got to know exactly what they are. Saturn in your solar tenth house of careers insists upon it. If you are vague, try to skip steps in a process, or have any hidden agendas to compete with the boss or others, you will not be successful.

However, hard work, accepting the current boundaries of interaction, and paying critical attention to detail will get you recognized. And you do so love to be recognized!

Other people seem to be bouncing in and out of your life with frightening regularity. This is the work of Uranus in Aquarius in your opposite sign.

You may feel you’ve hung out a sign that reads All Flakes Invited. Yes, you’re attracting these people into your space because you secretly want to break free of past limits, and Uranus is helping you do it by showing you the various eccentrics out there in the world already.

Don’t expect business partners to be stable people now. They may be geniuses or have exciting ideas, but someone is going to have to keep the business going while they generate their chaos, unexpected moves, changes of plan, and sudden reversals. You will eventually grow to be quite unshockable … or you will split with them.

Confusion is likely. New dreams will come out of your quiet moments of reverie. Some may think you’re spaced out, or in a trance, but you’re really just cogitating future ideals. You aren’t content with reality right now; in fact it feels quite irritating.

Find ways to empower children. Avoid office romances; you may end up with an obsessive person shadowing your every move, and wishing you’d just done your job description instead of flirting at your workstation. Power struggles are less difficult than they’ve been in the past, but you’re still learning.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Because you are service-oriented and particular about how things are done, you care a great deal how things turn out. You care less how other people perceive you.

But, surely you don’t want to be seen as a carping critic or a nag. Letting go is far from easy. Some days it feels like the big hand in the sky has yanked the bandage off an open wound, in fact. You will have to remain flexible this year, if you’re going to get those wounds to heal without a scar.

On the job, engage others to work with you in partnership, but do so gently and without pointing out they’re doing it wrong after they start to help you.

Several periods of discontent will occur from February 20 through March 14, June 23 through July 17, and October 18 through November 10. During those periods, be more flexible and accept a few glitches. Call ahead to confirm appointments, get maps to monitor travel times and routes, and pack carefully if you have to travel for business. You can’t avoid making mistakes, but you can be proactive wherever possible.

Erratic individuals may come and go at your company. You may even change jobs more than once. Take breaks to increase ultimate efficiency. De-stress your office environment as much as possible.

Attending classes, travelling for educational seminars, or other higher learning activities will benefit you in the long run. See if your company will fund these forays into knowledge in 2000. Point out that it will make you a more valuable asset to the company if you can increase your education.

LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

It’s a good year to find more money making strategies. You’ll be intensely interested in growing your bank account and increasing your assets. Jobs involving capital or accounting would be fields of interest, if you’re looking for a new position.

You’re learning to speak more deliberately, and be less concerned about appearances, having decided that direct is better than manipulative.

Consider setting up a home office this year. You may find that, for you, it works more efficiently than driving to a cubicle or workstation every morning. Your ability to telecommunicate and use computers will enhance your job profitability.

You will, however, have to set up boundaries with those at home, so you aren’t disturbed during working hours.

Creativity is at an all-time high. You have the ability to come up with whimsical fantasy, brilliant plans, and can invent new ways to handle problems. One warning: Avoid getting romantically involved with a coworker. This would prove to be a problem, most likely.

Working with children would also create some strain — although you would love the spontaneity they stand for, you’d have some trouble dealing with the noise and chaos of childhood now.

Merging talents or assets will be tempting, but make sure the other party to this partnership is reliable and steadfast — not just a graft artist. You stand to gain financially, but you have to still use common sense. Medical fields, financial consulting, dating services, relationship counselling, or being a travel agent are all likely areas of interest.

Librans are also very good with beautifying the appearance of things. Anything that creates ambience, like costuming, cosmetics, decorating, clothing, and window-dressing is a speciality.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You’re learning how to handle the world of money, and it’s not a particularly easy ride with Pluto occupying your solar second house of possessions and income.

Opportunity may come to earn or handle large sums of money, yes, but you’d better handle it in an above-board fashion, or you’ll live to regret this. Try not to identify personally with your paycheck.

Let go of anything that’s looking like a sure loss, and make plans for future change to avoid repeating painful experiences with money. You’re learning!

Communication with others will be based on teaching and researching this year. You’re teaching other people to be more deeply involved in their interests, but you’re learning to operate within boundaries that are clear and precise. Periods of time will occur that challenge your beliefs about reality.

Home life is a mixed bag, and the chaos or excitement there may affect your work life. Find a way to balance the two. It won’t be effortless, but the alternative is to live in constant disruption.

A chance to move might arise. Carefully consider whether you can be flexible in all potential living arrangements, because they may change more than once.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Inevitable change is nipping at your heels. You can try to resist this, but it isn’t going to work for long.

It’s as if you are no longer the same person you were, and others are perceiving you differently than they used to. You’re learning how strong and capable you are.

Lose the defeatist attitude and stop being a victim — at work or anyplace else. Others will wonder what has changed, but you will simply feel more interested in relating, and less interested in staying the in the same old rut. Through human contact and listening to the words of others, you will learn a lot.

The pace of your daily life is hectic. Short trips out to get office supplies could lead to anything. You may end up miles from what you thought was your neighborhood destination. Abrupt speech or elusive answers will irritate others who are only trying to ask a simple question. You aren’t as easy to talk to as you once were, Sag….

You need to maintain a schedule, keep good boundaries with coworkers, and eliminate anything that distracts you from getting the job done.

Think you’re getting ill? Yes, you may be more tired than usual, as the solar sixth house where Saturn now sits rules health as well as work. There are no shortcuts now. You should engage in good habits on both fronts, to avoid the physical results of reckless behaviour.

Relying on others to help you out is not very good between February 20 through March 14, June 23 through July 17, and October 18 through November 10. Confusion and misunderstanding will be obvious then. Use these time periods to determine what can be changed in the future while still acknowledging the impressions that the past has on you today.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Reality is not something you want to avoid this year. You tend to hold tightly to reality, so it’s not going to be much of a stretch.

Saturn’s position in your solar fifth house of creativity and pleasure should be teaching you ways to integrate fun, hobbies, new interests, and playmates into your life.

Make pleasure a daily reality with this transit; you might discover artistic talents you never knew you possessed! If you sign up for a pottery class, or pursue a computer art program, you’ll be amazed to see how well you can do.

Money and possessions fall under the dubious ray of Uranus and Neptune. While you may have sudden offers and opportunities to earn more, the luck of the draw and sheer chaos can drain off resources just as quickly as they arrive.

Be proactive with your money, and invest, save, and buy useful items, as well as taking risks or gambling with it.

Work goes well this year, except during periods relative to February 20 through March 14, June 23 through July 17, and October 18 through November 10. During those times, confusion will reign.

You’ll find you are missing instructions, significant papers, or finding out an important client is unavailable when you need him or her most to answer questions.

Coworkers may be absent unexpectedly during these periods, and you’ll have to do the work of two instead of just your own.

Career advancement is highly possible, though, and you should proceed in trust. Balance is an important part of your career process this year.

Don’t just insist on doing things all one way, when there’s a better chance to succeed by letting others help. Compromise with the boss instead of ranting about his or her suggestions for change. You’ll find that flexibility is the key to your peace of mind.

You may change the kinds of groups or friends you are associated with this year. Let go of the past and let new people into your life. Some of these can further your goals like never before.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You’re still on that same intense roller coaster ride you were on last year. Get used to it — they’ll be parked there awhile. You need, more than anything, to be able to gauge when you’re overwrought or dispirited, and act on that feeling for the sake of your own well-being.

That might mean saying no to one or more interesting offers that come your way. You are only one person and cannot function well when you take on too much at one time.

Others may see you as strangely distant or overly focused on your goals, but you think that you’re just acting normal. The impression you make on others, though, can make or break future interaction.

If you’re interviewing for a job, for instance, you don’t want to be perceived as disheveled, wise-cracking, confused, erratic, or out of your mind. Double check with others you trust as to your overall condition and appearance, and dress conservatively for such moments.

You have a lot of influence through group work and social contacts this year. Associations or clubs could be avenues for career advancement, so join the golf club or attend special meetings where you might find others who can assist you in your goals. A chance meeting at a party might unearth someone who can hire you for a lucrative position.

Domestic concerns are of great importance. The first half of the year, you’re striving to gain stability and set down boundaries at home.

Your main ability now is that of the inventor. You’re literally reinventing yourself, Aquarius, and you are the consummate free-spirit, so you might find a strict schedule or corporate expectations to be a bit much. Being a freelancer or free agent would suit you better.

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

It’s difficult to tell the true friends from the foes sometimes, and this is the case for you now. Impressionability and compassion may keep you from telling who’s who. Give it time.

If someone is playing on your team, you’ll get a sense of assurance from him or her over time. If not, you won’t. Others have the ability to pretend now, and pull the wool over your eyes to some extent.

An increase in pay may be headed your way. Jupiter in your solar second house of possessions and money is helping you expand your holdings. But the flip side of this good luck would be your own carelessness with these things. Try to balance income with outgo!

Jobs may come through social events or friends. You could also work for someone who becomes a friend through your mutual experience on the job.

It’s a good year to give yourself time to learn new things in your field, and to be flexible about change.

There could even be attempts to force you to bend your will. Decide whether the influence of this person who seems to have power over you is for your ultimate good or not before you ditch the career.

If something happens to end your job or position, accept it — let go — and move forward. Something better will come up that you’re more suited for.

Difficulty sleeping? Try meditation or relaxation tapes before bedtime, as lack of rest will eventually impact your job performance.

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