The 15 Most Handsome Football Players In 2024

With the UCL finals having rolled in just a few days earlier, Football is definitely the new buzz around these days.

While this sport is about athleticism, teamwork and skills, one can not ignore the charisma and charm that these football players have. As the pitch unravels to find all these men on the ground fighting for a coveted title, eyes are also fixed on how dashing and beautiful they look.

In this article let’s unpack the 15 most handsome football players in 2024!

1. Matteo Darmian

The 15 Most Handsome Football Players In 2024


Matteo Darmian is a top star in the Italian National Team and is definitely one of the most handsome football players. It is his cool enigmatic face and eyes that reflected in his game as the Manchester United’s defender back in the days. He is considered to be a heartthrob among the female fans and for all the right reasons as well.

The player was born on December 3rd, 1989. On the national level he currently plays as a defender for Inter Milan and is a part of the Italian Football Team. He made his debut in the international team during FIFA World Cup 2014.

2. Paulo Dybala

The Argentine Forward player has a very special place on this list. The man is simply not just an exceptional football talent but it’s also the captivating charm and unique style that he owns on the field. He was born on November 15, 1993, at Laguna Larga, Argentina.

Dybala’s rise to stardom and onset of his career is marked by his dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence. He is currently an attacking winger in the Serie A Roma Club and is also part of the Argentina National Team.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

The 15 Most Handsome Football Players In 2024


You can’t be mentioning the most handsome football players to exist and not mention the GOAT. Cristiano or popularly known as CR7 from his jersey number is one of the most seasoned players on the field.

The Portuguese sensation has not only conquered the footballing world with his exceptional talent but has also captured hearts with his chiseled features, captivating smile, and impeccable sense of style. 

He was born on February 5, 1985. He is currently a forward player for Al Nassr FC and the Portugal Football Team.

4. Neymar Jr.

The 15 Most Handsome Football Players In 2024


No one can miss out on this Brazilian sensation when talking about the most handsome football players. The word handsome began with Neymar Jr. on the field. With his impeccable flair and trickshots with the football on field, he also has the boyish charm, insane swagger and the most captivating smile on Earth. 

He was born on 5th February, 1992 and is currently a midfielder for Saudi Pro League club Al Hilal and the Brazil national team.

5. Kylian Mbappé

At just 24 years old, Kylian Mbappé has already established himself as one of football’s brightest stars. This man has left football fans shell shocked with his performance on the field in recent years. His exceptional performance in the France National team during FIFA 2022 finals is one of the finest moments in International Football.

Apart from being the exception that he is on the field, he has that sweet and youthful light to him. With his next-door-boy charm he definitely has won the heart of many female fans.

He was born on December 20th, 1988. The star currently plays as a forward for La Liga club Real Madrid and captains the France national team.

6. Gerard Piqué

The defender for the Spanish Team, Gerard is known as the symbol of elegance and sophistication. The rugged looks and towering gaze on him makes it hard to not be in the list of most handsome football players to exist. Whether he’s marshaling the defense or strutting his stuff on the red carpet, Piqué’s charisma is undeniable.

Although he is currently retired and is now better known as Shakira’s ex husband, one can not forget his golden times on the field.

7. Pablo Gavi

Speaking of Spanish sensations, one can not simply forget the 19 year old superstar Pablo Gavi. One of the youngest players to debut in the Spanish National Team during FIFA 2022, Gavi stole a lot of female hearts.

He is swift and rugged on the field, but equally soft and charming on his looks. It’s a given that he has that sweet youthful boyish charm to him that makes him such a heartthrob especially among teen girls.

He was born on 5th August, 2004. He is currently a midfielder for FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team.

8. Achraf Hakimi

This Moroccan player also created a huge name for himself, even by people who are not really keen on football during the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Being one of the torchbearers to take his team upwards during the cup. Achraf Hakimi is definitely one of the most handsome football players, who is not just beautiful but also has skills.

With his blistering pace, attacking flair, and rugged good looks, Hakimi is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. But it’s also his charm and demeanor in interviews that makes him a treat for the eyes.

He was born on 4th November, 1998. The player currently plays as a right-back or right winger for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Morocco national team.

9. Antoine Griezmann

This French Player is popular for his flair and focus on the goal in the field. But the man also has an effortless style and charm to him. When he is not raging in the field, he is gracing pages of the fashion magazines. This French man’s beauty can not be missed by the human eyes.

He was born on 21st March, 1991 and is an attacking midfielder for La Liga club Atlético Madrid and the France national team.

10. Dominik Livaković

Often called as the wall of the Croatian Team, a list of the most handsome football players is incomplete without the mention of his name. This man is as focused as a hawk on the field. You might think that you have got the goal in your hands, but not when Domink is on guard.

Apart from his exceptional defense on the field, this man has that rugged, sharp featured aesthetic to his face. With an exceptional smile and a shy boy charm, he is easily one of the most good looking men one can come across.

He was born on 9th January 1995. He is currently a goalkeeper for Süper Lig club Fenerbahçe and the Croatia national team.

11. Erling Haaland

The Scandinavian Star makes an easy entry into this list.  Erling Haaland’s meteoric rise to stardom has been nothing short of remarkable. And why not? It’s his towering physique, piercing blue eyes and lethal way in which he finishes on the field. He cuts a sharp imposing figure on the field and to the eyes.

He was born on 21st July, 2000 and plays as a striker for Premier League club Manchester City and the Norway national team. 

12. Vinicius Jr.

Warm, deep and mysterious to the charm and a tornado on field is how one would describe Vinicius Jr. The Brazilian winger is the best example of what the next generation of football players are about to unleash on the field. With his lightning-fast pace, mesmerizing dribbling skills, and infectious enthusiasm, Vinicius Jr. is a joy to watch on the pitch. 

It’s this exuberance and shine that makes him so unbelievably irresistible to the eyes. The player was born on 12 July, 2000 and plays as a forward for La Liga club Real Madrid and the Brazil national team.

13. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Liverpool and England right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has took the world into a storm with his skills on the field. But it is not just the exceptional skills, but more the down-to-earth demeanor that makes stand out among players as the most handsome football player in 2024.

He was born on 7th October, 1998 and currently  plays as a right-back or midfielder for Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. 

14. Frenkie de Jong

The Dutch men always steal our hearts and so does Frenkie de Jong. He is known for his technical ability, vision and composure on the ball. But it’s also those sharp features and dashing charm that makes him so handsome.

He was born on 12th May 1997.The Dutch man plays primarily as a central-midfielder for La Liga club Barcelona, and the Netherlands national team.

15. João Félix

Portuguese forward João Félix is a rising star in the world of football, known for his silky skills, clinical finishing, and infectious enthusiasm. But more than that, it’s the old boy charm you find in him that draws you.

His face reminds you of the early golden times of players in FC Barcelona. The caramel brown sway of his hair, deep brooding eyes and rugged sharp features makes him one of the most handsome football players to exist.

He was born on 10th November, 1999. The football sensation currently plays  as a forward for La Liga club Barcelona, on loan from Atlético Madrid, and for the Portugal national team.

Easy to say, writing this list of the top 15 most handsome football players was a treat to eyes and also pain to the brain. There are numerous exceptional players in the field, not one packing less talent than the other, but these 15 men really took the trophy home for skills and beauty, all in one.

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