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Bloomin’ Brands — a restaurant chain that has been satisfying people all over the world for more than 30 years. The company has gained popularity due to its unique methods of customer service. Moreover, the incredibly beautiful interior and unique customer service attract thousands of people every day.

It is obvious that the company could not have been so successful without competent and professional staff. This network respects its employees and gives them all the opportunities for productive work. Therefore, the company management decided to create a special service for its staff — This product was created to provide all the necessary company information for employees.

Can a BBI employee login and use this system at home?

Every employee can use different IP to enter the online system and get all the necessary information. The website works all round a clock. To get started BBI connect login, go to using any Internet browser.

Then you will see special fields for entering the company’s system. You cannot register or create an account by yourself. You need to contact your employer to get a special user name and password. Remember, you use a shared password for the first time. You have to create your personal one after the first usage. Never share this information with third parties.

Add this site to quick access, as you can use this Internet service to get your monthly salary.

Why should you use this system?

BBI Connect has many advantages that can facilitate the workflow:

  • It allows employees to check their work-time cards with information related to working periods. This feature helps you to control your working periods, avoid possible over-hours and receive an appropriate salary. This information can settle any differences between you and an employer.
  • You can see all types of available benefits or benefits you are subscribed at. You do not need to waste your time and wait for such information from the company’s support service or personnel department.
  • Each system user can change his/her account information. Namely, the information related to their person, family, insurance payments and so on. However, all changes will take effect after the personnel department or supervisor’s review.
  • Employees, if necessary, can contact their managers and clarify working aspects very quickly.

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