Which Type Of Airport parking is best for you

A Guide for you while choosing the best airport car parking:

When you are planning to travel somewhere to spend the holidays, you have a fear of where you will park a car at the airport because of this fear you don’t prefer to take a car with you to the airport to avoid yourself from the hustle and bustle at the airport parking areas, that not only wastes your time but spoils your mood as well. But now you don’t need to worry about airport parking this article is going to help you in the selection of best airport car parking so you will become stress-free and save your time. Parkos Airport Parking services provide you with different Parking options with several parking locations and facilities depending on your needs. The prices also vary from place to place and the distance from the airport terminal to the parking destination.

What should you choose?

Airport parking has expanded the area and time for you; you are offered with three types of option by the airport parking services;

  • Short term parking
  • medium-term parking
  • long term parking

These three options are available at almost every airport to facilitate you. For travelers flying out of the New Jersey area, Newark Airport parking offers competitive rates and diverse parking options tailored to meet the needs of every traveler. Whether you’re looking for short-term convenience or long-term security, your vehicle will be taken care of while you’re away.

Short-Term Parking:

If you have come to the airport for dropping off your friend that is traveling or waiting for a friend, your boss, or family to pick up them from the airport, or if you have heavy luggage, in all these conditions; you need short term parking that is located near the airport terminal, it is convenient but expensive but it facilitates you a lot if you are going for  a business trip for short term, you can park your car near the terminal and release yourself from the fear of insecurities and stress.

Medium or daily Parking areas:

Common or regular parking areas at the airport are situated at some distance from the airport terminal. Usually, the shuttle bus services can give you pick up from terminal to the car parking spot. The prices for the daily and medium parking differs from that of short term parking, but regular parking locations are fewer, so if you want to park your car for a long time because you feel that your trip might take time, then long term parking option would be best for you.

Long-Term Parking:

Long term parking is situated at the places far from the airport terminal. Shuttle bus service helps you to take you from the airport terminal to the parking area. If you are going on a long trip, so you need to park your car in long term parking area, that would be more economical for you.

Business Parking:

It’s like a first-class or business class in your flight, in which you are awarded extra benefits. It is closer to airport terminal, offers a lot of facilities to the customer, but you have to pay extra for the superior services. It is especially recommended to the business people having luxurious cars, and so they need a safe place for parking the vehicle.

Airport Hotel Parking:

When you are traveling to the airport to take a flight and your flight timing is of midnight, so in that situation, you will be stressful and will think where to park a car and will prefer to sleep in the car because of inconvenience. There are hotels located in the area of the airport along with the facility of car parking; so you can sleep at night in the hotel after parking a car in the hotel parking area, it will make you stress-free so you can travel comfortably. Although the prices are high than other types of airport parking, it provides you with a lot of facilities like the opening of a gate when you go outside the hotel as well as security for your car in your absence.

Velvet parking:

Velvet parking is very convenient for the consumers, but the prices are high because you have to pay extra for the convenience. Expected price rates are $6 to $10 for the first two hours. As time passes, the price for parking raises, but it allows you a limited period to park your car and prohibits overnight parking.

Meet and Greet parking:

When you need a driver to drop you at the airport terminal and park your car in the parking area, in this case, meet and greet parking is the best option for you that befits your needs. The driver takes keys from you and drives away the car to the parking location situated usually at a mile or two miles from the airport terminal. When you arrive back from a trip to the airport, you will call the meet and greet parking services to send a driver to the airport terminal gate, and they will deliver back your car to a place where you have left it. It is costly parking, but you will be satisfied with the services the company is giving you and will feel comfortable to ride with someone else.


In this article, almost all parking options are available to you, but you must choose the one that best suits your needs. If your budget is low, so you can select the flat price parking, but if your budget is reasonable and you want more convenient so, you can choose the highly convenient parking according to your need and situation.

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