CoolSculpting vs. Trusculpt- What’s the Difference?

Some people only believe that when they go on a strict diet or exercise every day of the week, then they can get that perfect body that they have been craving all this while. Although this may be achievable, what happens when you are wrapped up with work for a whole week, and you do not exercise, and you eat very late at night?

Also, when you have gotten the perfect shape, what happens when you realize that there are some areas in your body where there is stubborn fat, and you need more than exercises and diet to get rid of it? This is what happens most times, and people cannot seem to wrap their heads around it because they did do everything right, just as the therapist or magazine suggested.

If you have ever found yourself in these categories, then perhaps it is time for you to do something else to get rid of that fat, and one of the ways to achieve that might be through a non-invasive fat removal process.

In the past, the process of liposuction worked to remove unnecessary fat from the body, but the post-procedure turned out to be more harmful than positive, which did not favor a lot of people. However, in recent years, people have gotten insight into non-surgical ways of reduction or total removal of fat from the body, and a lot of people have Benefits solely from this procedure.

There are two known types of non-invasive fat removal or reduction process, and they are known as CoolSculpting and Trusculpt.

The difference between these two procedures is that while one makes use of cold temperature to freeze fat cells to death, the other makes use of heat temperature to burn fat cells to death. So whichever one you prefer is achievable.


This is one of the most used and researched non-surgical method of reducing fat from the body, and it has become known all over the world in a short while. This treatment only takes about an hour to pull through, after which the patient will be examined and sent home immediately. The surprising fact about this process is that it causes no pain to the body at all, and people feel good and light after this procedure. The CoolSculpting device pulls fat into a cup-like structure, which in turn received a cold temperature that causes it to freeze and kill the fat cells located in that area. Once the fat cells are dead, the skin tightens automatically.


Unlike CoolSculpting, truSculpt makes use of a suction device and a heat temperature that delivers radiofrequency energy into the area that is affected for a while, to make the fat cells heat up, shrink and die instantly. The fat cells soon come out of the body weeks after treatment, but as long as they are dead, they cannot produce any more fat in that area, which is quite impressive.

Although, both procedures differ as they either make use of cold or heat energy, they can be done different number roof times, depending on the choice of the patient. This means that anyone can repeat the process over again if they are not yet satisfied with the results that they have gotten.

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