No more Turkey Neck. Saying Good Riddance to Neck Wrinkles

No more Turkey Neck. Saying Good Riddance to Neck Wrinkles

Some of the first visual indicators of aging we get take place around the face.

As we age, fat deposits under our skin begin to dry up, causing lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, our skin loses elasticity and tone, which can cause drooping or sagging skin. This is true to our necks as well.

Loose skin on your neck can give a dangling appearance, often referred to as “turkey neck,” named after the wrinkly folds of a turkey’s wattle.

While signs of aging are inevitable, for some, these natural side effects are less than desirable, and many opt for cosmetic procedures such as a neck lift to turn back the clock.

But before talking about treatments, let’s talk more about what causes turkey neck.

  • Less Elasticity:  As we grow older, we lost the ability to repair and heal ourselves naturally. Cuts can take longer to heal, and skin doesn’t snap back as fast as it used to. Collagen in our skin which provides structural support and keeps our skin soft and supple begins to decrease production and begins breaking down. This causes a loss in elasticity that keeps our skin-tight to our body.
  • Weakened muscles:  After a certain age, our muscles begin to weaken., offering less support to the skin. This causes the skin to loosen from the body, as the muscles no longer hold it in place.
  • Fat Deposits: Excess fat under your skin under your chin, either from natural disposition or weight gain, can cause your skin under your neck to stretch, and as we age, that excess skin begins to drop.

Combatting Turkey Neck

While aging is inevitable, we can do many things to help delay it as long as possible.


  • Working to keeping your neck muscles strong can delay their weakening.
  • Simulating chewing with your neck tilted to the ceiling
  • Laying flat, raising your head and neck, and gently looking left to right
  • Tilting head towards the ceiling and holding for a few seconds

Skin Care

One bright side to everyone aging is that countless products are available to help prevent the signs of maturity. Cleansers, serums, lotions can all help keep your skin soft and supple.

  • General Self-care
  • Proper sleep refreshes your body
  • Maintaining a proper diet provides your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep your skin youthful and hydrated.
  • Alcohol dehydrates the body
  • Limit sun exposure. UV rays destroy your body’s collagen and damage your skin.
  • Cosmetic Surgery

When Other Methods Fail, Cosmetic Surgeries Exist to Treat Turkey Neck

Neck lifts are a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the jaw and neck. Small incisions are made under the chin, and the excess skin and fat are removed while muscles are tightened. This can create a more youthful, defined jawline and chin. This procedure is usually a part of a complete facelift but can be done individually if the neck is an isolated area of concern.

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