Ohio Couple Adopts 5 Siblings To Keep Them Together

Will and Julie Rom are two people the world needs more of.

The Cincinnati couple recently adopted five siblings in order to keep them together.

The Roms have no children of their own, but have been fostering children for over a decade.

The loving pair are now officially a family of seven after adopting William, 12; Truth, 9; Maryahana, 6; Keyora, 3 and KJ, 2.

Ohio Couple Adopts 5 Siblings To Keep Them Together

“All my life really all I’ve wanted to do is have some sons to play sports with, and everything is going great,” proud new dad Will said.

He also beamed that his wife Julie is also a wonderful mother.

“They’re already part of our family,” Will added. “This is an official rubber stamp as someone said earlier, but they’ve been a part of our family and we love them dearly.”

Ohio Couple Adopts 5 Siblings To Keep Them Together

Julie says her family has moved into a five bedroom home. But in order to be there for her children she has had to switch career paths.

“God has really provided for us with upgrading vehicles to accommodate and housing,” she said.

Ohio Couple Adopts 5 Siblings To Keep Them Together

Judge Ralph Winkler said the adoption sends a positive message to the community.

“You’re helping the whole community by adopting five children but you’re also helping the system by encouraging other people to do it saying it can be done. It’s not impossible,” Winkler said.

The emotional ceremony was held at Judge Ralph Winkler’s courtroom at Hamilton County Probate Court.

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