Paris Thugs Film Their Brutal Attack As They Lynched Female Police Officer on New Year’s Day

It was a gory sight in Paris on New Year’s Day as a female police officer along with her on-duty captain were attacked by street thugs.

It was a saddening sight as, on a day set aside to celebrate the dawn of a new year and era, some street thugs seized the opportunity to perpetrate some unsavory acts.

The incidence which left the two police officers involved badly injured took place in the early hours of Monday morning after the officers responded to a routine distress call.

Paris Thugs Film Their Brutal Attack As They Lynched Female Police Officer on New Year's Day

According to reports, the officers had followed up on an emergency call which has been found to have originated in Champigny-sur-Marne, an area to the south-east of the city.

More shockingly, it has been discovered the beating and lynching of the police officers was recorded by the perpetrators and the video has since been posted online.

The video which has sparked a huge outrage among citizens clearly show the female officer being beaten to stupor and kicked around like a ragdoll.

Paris Thugs Film Their Brutal Attack As They Lynched Female Police Officer on New Year's Day

At one stage, her colleague and duty captain appears so badly beaten up that he takes his gun out his holster, but does not let off a shot.

The horrifying video has also made its way to the highest rung of government with President Emmanuel Macron speaking out against the injustice and vowing to bring the culprits to justice.

President Emmanuel Macron as quoted as saying,

‘Those guilty of the cowardly and criminal lynching of police doing their duty on the night of December 31st will be found and punished. The Force will support the law. Honor to the police and full support to all the agents attacked in such a low-level fashion.’

The two officers who have been written of for work for at least two weeks had arrived at a house in Champigny following reports of widespread disorder outside the address, where a New Year’s party was taking place.

A routine disturbing the peace and disorderly call turned into a full-on assault call after a number of people were turned away from the house, which led to fighting in the street.

It didn’t take long for things to escalate to an unimaginable point as the uniform was disrespected and the responding officers whose names have been withheld from the press for security seasons were attacked.

The thugs filmed themselves stamping on the woman, who tried to cover herself as she was relentlessly beaten.

She was the driver of the duty police captain, who was also beaten up.

It is also worth mentioning that the attack on the duty police captain was not filled by the street thugs was not filmed.

It is, therefore, possible that the attack on the female police officer was a gender hate crime.

Other police officers in the area finally rushed to help the officers, who were then speedily taken to a nearby hospital.

The officers suffered a concussion and other injuries, but their condition was not life-threatening.

It has also been confirmed that the street thugs ran into a nearby housing estate after destroying the patrol car, which was turned upside down and left in ruins.

French interior minister Gerard Collomb said after the attack,

‘I just spoke with the police officers assaulted. Everything is done to ensure that the cowardly perpetrators of these unspeakable acts are apprehended and sentenced. To attack our security forces is to attack our Republic.’

Our hearts go out to the injured officers and their family in this difficult period.

Written by Evelyn Smith

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