Popular National Parks You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

Have you ever been to a national park? Are you a nature’s lover? One of the places on the earth that people most visited is the park. Visitors tour around the world to hike, swim, bike, and look at some of the world’s best known  parks, including national parks. A place restricted or saved by the government for the protection of the natural environment. A nature’s park can be set aside for the purpose of general relaxation and pleasure or because of its ancient or scientific significance. Many of the habitats and their associated plants and animals are held in their natural condition in a national park. As such, national parks include water bodies, mountain ranges, birds, and more. People have travelled for years to visit and observe the natural force of these places.

Italy – Dolomite National Park

The park’s primary declaration to popularity is its array of unusual flora and fauna that has been created to secure it. Given that there are more than 1,500 varieties of vascular flora in the area, it is no question that botanists from all over the world research the park every year. The number of plant species in the park and its alongside areas is approximately one quarter of the total flora in Italy. Tourists can also recognize a broad spectrum of wildlife, containing many species common to the Dolomite and Alpine sections, such as hedgepig, weasels, etc. The park is famous for its meadow basins, deep valleys and mountain views, but some portions are especially notable.

United States of America – Grand Canyon Park

The Grand Canyon is one of the biggest national parks in the world. Natural amazement is worth a place on your bucket list.  There are lots of viewpoints from which you can enjoy the scenery, including Mather Point and Toroweap Overlook. Despite the fact that Grand Canyon’s favorite thing is standing on the edge and looking at the stunning panorama, there are several other ways to appreciate the natural richness of the park and its best locations. Taking a mule ride through the South Rim trail or a white-water floating trip down the Colorado River. Witness the animals existing and surviving in the furthermost environment and the early inhabitants of the place. Then the magnificent birds of prey. Progressing the tradition that started with the ancestral people of Pueblo, diverse tribes still call the Grand Canyon home.

South Africa – Kruger National Park 

Kruger National Park also has the biggest types of mammal than any other game reserve in Africa. Host to the astonishing number and variety of biodiversity, Kruger is the largest and oldest national park in South Africa. Comprises all five large game species, tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, cape buffalo and leopards. Take a journey to visit this African national park and amaze at the fascination of nature. The tremendous advantage of visiting Kruger National Park is that it is one of the uncomplicated national parks in Africa to discover on self-guided tours. The park provides a well-developed tourism infrastructure and a wide variety of board and lodging houses that appeal to various budgets. You should pitch a tent in simple campsites or reserve a cottage with a towel and toiletries. 

China – Guilin and Lijiang River National Park

Situated in south-eastern China, this park is famed for its karsts, limestone cones, barrels and mountains with fascinating names such as “Elephant Trunk,” “Dragon Head” and “Five Fingers,” influenced by various Chinese poets and writers, and even illustrated on the country’s paper currency. The perfect way to soak in this beautiful environment is to take a 30-mile boat ride up the Lijiang Canal, from Guilin to Yangshuo. The key features of Guilin-Lijiang are the Fengcong and Fenglin karsts—a topography shaped by the breakdown of soluble rocks—and the limestone mountains. The park also offers hiking trails, such as the short 1.3 mile Reed Flute Caves Trail, which will lead you on a hike through the fields and woods that will take you to the caves.

Australia – Whitsunday Islands National Park

Whitsundays is a beautiful place full of views of the capital. Isles unspoilt, white beaches, and turquoise waters. It’s got countless places to search your own private seasand  to unwind, go for a snorkel, have a fish or have a beer. If you love camping, there are 29 camping sites to pick from, in which 26 of which can only be accessed by ferry. One of the islands also has mountain bike paths. Whitsunday Island. National Park is one of the greatest captivating natural ecosystems in the world. This national park is located in Queensland, Australia. The group of 74 islands can be located in the center of the Great Barrier Reef. Whitehaven Beach is also considered one of the world’s best beaches. Its crystal blue seas, white sand made of 98 percent pure silica, and spectacular views are not easy to conquer. 

Popular National Parks You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

Indeed, a park is a place where we can unwind and achieve the relaxation that we desire. A so-called tourist spot that people longing to visit for effectively increases your morale and revitalizes you from the symptoms of stress. Park trips seem to increase serenity and calmness, satisfaction, optimism and a sense of stability, and to reduce sadness, But in return we need to take care of our national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and habitat conservation areas continue to preserve the natural environment and benefit us all in many respects. Even if a National Park offers a spot to stroll and exercise, or a wildlife sanctuary encourages conservation, these areas have a significant participation in society.

Written by George K.

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