Pregnant Woman Set On Fire By Boyfriend Still Fighting For Her Life

She bravely gave birth to her daughter, Journey Aaliyah Grinage, despite being set on fire in her Capitol Heights apartment.

Now Maryland mom-of-three Andrea Grinage continues to fight for her life. 

Grinage was burned across most of her body during a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, Laquinn Phillips, 34.

He is accused of setting her aflame whilst she was pregnant. Grinage’s family believe Phillips’ motive was that he was not ready to be a father.

Pregnant Woman Set On Fire By Boyfriend Still Fighting For Her Life

Grinage’s mother told WUSA9 that her daughter is still in critical condition.

She has received four separate surgeries since the incident, with a fifth surgery scheduled soon.

In the hospital, Grinage delivered her baby seven weeks premature, just hours after she was set on fire.

Her mother says the baby is doing well and is currently on a feeding tube and asks the public to continue to keep her daughter in their prayers.

Pregnant Woman Set On Fire By Boyfriend Still Fighting For Her Life

Meanwhile her boyfriend faces a slew of charges in connection to the case.

They include attempted murder, arson and assault.

34-year-old Laquinn Phillips is accused of sending Grinage threatening text messages and demanding that she not to have the baby.

Court records show that a temporary no-contact order was granted against Phillips on April 13, 2017. The order was dismissed after the unnamed petitioner did not appear in court.

Phillips was charged in March for trespassing and theft, court documents show.

Pregnant Woman Set On Fire By Boyfriend Still Fighting For Her Life

Phillips is being held without bond and is charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder, arson, assault and several related charges, police said

Through her pain, Grinage managed to tell police Phillips doused her with a flammable liquid inside her apartment and set her on fire.

She also told police that he may have been on his way to D.C. to possibly harm one of her relatives.

Pregnant Woman Set On Fire By Boyfriend Still Fighting For Her Life

Phillips cried as he listened to the charges against him in court Sept. 13.

Phillips’ family insist he was incapable of doing such a crime.

“This is not my son. My son could not have done a heinous crime like this,” Pamela Phillips said. “He’s being portrayed as this monster.”

Phillips is a personal trainer who runs a popular boot camp.

He was recently accepted to be a firefighter with the D.C. Fire Department. But his future with the department is pending the outcome of the case.

Phillip’s attorney, Wyndal Gordon, told media his client is not guilty.

“The timeline is inconsistent with the evidence that we’ve been able to uncover thus far. So, we don’t know what’s going on,” Gordon said.

Laquinn Phillips is expected to appear again in a Prince George’s County courtroom on October 10th.

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