Rapper Tay-K Sentenced To 55 Years In Prison For Deadly Robbery

He was once a promising rapper.

Now Tay-K, real name Taymor McIntyre, has been sentenced to 55 years in prison. The 19-year-old was also fined $10,000 by a Tarrant County jury for a 2016 home invasion.

It led to the murder of Ethan Walker, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Rapper Tay-K Sentenced To 55 Years In Prison For Deadly Robbery
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

McIntyre was also sentenced for three additional counts of aggravated robbery.

He will first serve a 30-year prison sentence for his first felony. He will then serve an additional 13 years each for the remaining two counts from the same robbery.

In July 2016, McIntyre was part of a home invasion that left 21-year-old, Ethan Walker, dead and injured Zachary Beloate.

“It wasn’t part of the plan. The plan was robbery. Not killing,” Jeff Kearney, one of McIntyre’s defense attorneys told the jury. 

However Walker did not have the drugs or money the robbers were after, according to KTVT.

Walker’s girlfriend testified that he was shot and killed while his hands were in the air.

Rapper Tay-K Sentenced To 55 Years In Prison For Deadly Robbery

In 2017, Tay-K went viral after releasing the video for “The Race.”

The song was based on the young rapper cutting off his ankle bracelet and fleeing home arrest ahead of a court hearing. 

He was eventually captured in New Jersey after three months on the run, KTVT reported.

The same day the song’s video was posted on Youtube.

“I was tryna beat a case/But I ain’t beat that case, bitch, I did the race,” he raps in one of the most infamous lines from the song, which peaked at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Rapper Tay-K Sentenced To 55 Years In Prison For Deadly Robbery
Hot 97

During the trial, Tay-K’s attorneys argued that he wasn’t the person who fired the gun.

However, prosecuters say Tay-K knew that the plan was to rob Walker.

“The Race,” now has more than 174 million views on YouTube. The video shows Tay-K posing next to a wanted poster of himself.

The rapper potentially faced five to 99 years in prison for each guilty count.

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