Real Estate in West Little Rock, Arkansas

If you’re looking for a new home that has the feel of living in suburban beauty, but has the scenery and the tranquility of hometown peace and the outdoors, then you can look no further than the quaint little subsection known as Waterview Estates. With numerous lots and even some homes for sale, Waterview is one of the best places to find real estate in West Little Rock, Arkansas. Let’s go ahead and take a look at why they’re one of the best places in the area to find or build your dream home in Little Rock.  For more details be sure to go to

Location Location Location

Waterview Estates is located in Roland, which is also a suburb of Little Rock. You don’t get all of the hustle and bustle of the busy city, but you get all of the luxury items when you find your home at Waterview. Think of it like camping at home or in a luxury suite. You have access to go fishing at the beautiful lake Maumelle, and on the opposite side you have the Arkansas River at your doorstep. Then to the northwest, you also have scenic views of the Ozark Mountains, one of the nations most popular scenic areas of the outdoors that runs all the way into Missouri.

This Place Has Amenities?

Yes. They have a public sports area that includes basketball, tennis, and even baseball and football areas. While they don’t have big spas and resorts, they have access to stables and all of the horse barns and training areas so you can start raising horses (something that almost all little girls want is a pony, so if you have a daughter, this place is perfect for you!)

They have a low crime rate also, so that’s something to think about when it comes to raising a family. Then if you look even closer into Waterview, they have gated access, which means you’re living in luxury while you’re living out in the country.

They Have Lots for Sale

If you go to their website, you’ll see that not only do they have homes for sale, they have a lot of lots for sale (that sounds fun to say doesn’t it?). But honestly, they really are one of the best places to buy your own lots of land. You can’t hunt on your land of course, and you may have to clear it out, but a construction crew would do that for you anyway. The great thing is that the land in the area is super fertile, and you can buy humongous lots to build a house and have a nice yard, and even a nice garden for your home.


If you’re looking at websites like Zillow, there are real estate properties all over the Little Rock area, but everything looks in general to be super expensive and there are many places that aren’t in good neighborhoods. As stated earlier, Waterview Estates is a quaint and quiet place. And judging from everything we’ve been able to see about real estate in West Little Rock, Arkansas, it’s one of the best places since you get a bit of the city and a mix of the country all in one place. And it’s not too far away from any major areas either.

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