Reasons Why You Might Want a Tree to be Removed

Trees are not only beautiful, but they are an integral part of the environment. However, sometimes you may have to cut a tree down.

You should appreciate the trees on your property and do all that you can to ensure that they remain healthy. Sometimes, a tree will deteriorate no matter how much you do.

There are many reasons why you may want to remove a tree. The following are some of them:

   1. Dead Trees

Trees are living beings and like all living beings, they die. A dead tree is an unwanted and sad sight for any homeowner.

Regardless of how you feel about the tree, you will have to remove it if it’s dead. When a tree dies, it loses its strength and vitality it becomes a danger to you and your property.

Storms and strong winds can easily knock the tree over, and it may fall on your property or a person passing by the house. Worst still, it can fall on the electrical lines which is very dangerous especially during a storm.

Simply put, dead trees are a massive liability.

   2. Trees With Disease

Diseases are one of the major causes of death in trees. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know about plant diseases and hence never check their trees for sickness.

The result is that the trees are usually too sick by the time anyone notices and the homeowner has to remove the tree. Some diseases affect only a specific type of tree while others may spread and infect other plants.

When you recognize a disease in a tree, you should address it immediately. Pest infestations should also be dealt with immediately as they will undoubtedly cause tree diseases.

   3. Damaged Trees

 Trees can experience tremendous damage which may leave you no choice but to remove them. Natural disasters in particular wreak havoc on trees.

If you have a damaged tree on your property, the best solution is to call a tree removal service and have it removed immediately. A good example is this tree service in Riverside County. You should especially get the tree removed if it is obstructing a road or impeding you from regular household activities.

A damaged tree for example one that is not completely broken may hang dangerously and cause peril to others. You will need to evaluate the situation and see if the tree can recover or whether you can do something useful with it. If not, accept the loss and remove the tree.

   4. The Tree is Too Large

Some trees continue growing exponentially and become giant trees. When you move into the property the tree might have been big but after a decade or so, it may become too large for your property.

In such a case, removing the tree may be the only option you have. In other cases, you may have to make adjustments to accommodate the growing tree.

 A tree may also be deemed too large if falling branches cause significant harm to people and objects nearby. Such a tree will cost you more in the long term than it would cost to remove it.

   5. Blocking a Construction Project

It is very common for homeowners to perform some sort of construction project once they move into a home. Unfortunately, some renovations may run smack into a tree.

If the construction project is too important and has to be done at that location, removing the tree will be the obvious choice. However, you may decide to build your structure around the tree in a creative design.

In other cases, a tree may be in the way of a construction project by obstructing heavy equipment from entering and accessing the property. It is a viable reason to cut down such a tree.

   6. Encroachment

Reasons Why You Might Want a Tree to be Removed

As stated above, the growth of trees may coincide with the structure of the property. In some cases, a tree or group of trees may encroach on an area that they were not supposed to necessitate their removal.

Depending on the effect the tree may be having on its surroundings, encroaching may be very serious. For example, when a branch is lying on electricity lines and making them touch each other is a serious hazard.

Another common form of encroachment done by trees is the roots affecting the foundation of the property. In other cases, a tree may obstruct a favorite view of the landscape. When that happens, removal will be a valid choice.

As you can tell by the points above, there are many reasons why one may cut down a tree. It all depends on personal tastes and preferences or for safety reasons. Trees are becoming less everyday, so it is wise to only cut down a tree if it is absolutely necessary.

Written by George K.

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