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Return Time: Willingness of Employees to Return to the Office 

In the United States, as well as in all other parts of the world, the number of cases of coronavirus infection begins to decline rapidly. This fact cannot but rejoice, because for companies it means that everything can return to back to normal. 

That is why there is now an increased demand for office leasing in many states. Companies are looking for services that offer convenience and simplicity in finding office spaces for lease in Los Angeles like at Many are returning to traditional offices, while others are looking for new office options filled with high technology, health precautions, and much smaller spaces as the needs and desires of workers have changed markedly over the past few years. 

We will talk about how ready employees are to return to the offices, as well as what changes are expected in the work of companies and their employees. 

Willingness to return to the offices 

<strong>Return Time: Willingness of Employees to Return to the Office </strong>

Before the global pandemic, millions of Americans had no problem with the way they worked. The office routine was familiar to everyone. However, now we are seeing millions of workers around the world abandoning the standard mode of work. In two years, everyone has had time to get used to the new state of affairs, and therefore, workers are rioting, urging companies to either leave the opportunity to work remotely or implement a hybrid plan.

However, a survey conducted by Morning Consult among many workers in the US found that Americans are much more willing to return to the office routine. According to the results of the survey, it became clear that employees who worked remotely for two years are fully prepared to return to the offices. They make up 73% of all respondents. The remaining 27% of employees would still like to continue working from home, as they were able to improve their lives and adapted to work even more efficiently. 

Concerns about returning to the office 

<strong>Return Time: Willingness of Employees to Return to the Office </strong>

While a large number of workers are willing to return to their offices, many still have some concerns about returning. There are several reasons for this: 

Fear of changes 

Two years ago, the world turned upside down. Every person on the planet had to quickly adapt to the new reality. During this time, everyone got used to the way they work. 

Now they are being told that it is time to return, but not everyone is ready for this because these are again serious changes. If extroverts, locked in four walls, are ready to happily return to the offices, then introverts are less optimistic about this. 

Health care 

The coronavirus has not completely disappeared yet. Although the number of vaccinated has increased markedly, the fear of getting infected or infecting someone remains. 

That is why employees pay great attention to how the new offices will be equipped. It is unlikely that anyone will agree to return to a place where several dozen people are in the same room throughout the working day. People expect companies to give them guarantees that they will take care of their health. 


Returning to the office means returning additional costs. This means that you need to spend money on buying clothes for the office, traveling on public transport, buying lunches, gasoline, and more. Cash spending is more likely to demotivate rather than set everyone up to return to the offices. 

That is why the only right solution for companies will be to enable employees to work in a hybrid way. People are not ready to completely give up the convenience and flexibility that they have acquired during all this time. 


Americans are more willing to return to the office than employees elsewhere in the world. However, their needs and wants have changed dramatically in recent years. To retain talent, companies should adopt a hybrid approach so that employees retain their convenience as well as flexibility. 

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