Right Custom Writing Service: What Matters


College is becoming increasingly demanding. To catch up, external help comes in not as an option but a must for many regular and mature students. Unsurprisingly, custom writing, now a mature industry, is a popular service which, to choose the right one, requires careful consideration.

Custom Writing Service: What Matters

Typically, students, regular or mature, are under pressure to write a paper assigned in class within a given deadline. This is a fairly common college requirement and is part of a critical skill, i.e. essay writing, for future careers. The growing industry of custom paper writing services, or custom essay writing service, offers a much needed service for students. These services come, however, at varying degrees of quality, price marks and speed. To evaluate which custom essay papers are worthy of purchase requires, moreover, a deeper look to ensure value for money. The custom writing service industry is crowded including established players such as custom essays online all the way down to grab-and-go platforms. For students anxious to submit a paper – ASAP – choosing which service could be, indeed, puzzling. The now established practices of the custom writing service industry has made a number of key points essential to double check on a service before purchase.


Typically, plagiarism is strictly prohibited in college coursework and, if detected, is a good enough reason for expulsion from school. That is why, custom writing service is still frowned upon by educators as contract cheating and, in some cases, liable to litigation in some jurisdictions. Understandably, plagiarism-free papers – guaranteed by reputable platforms, e.g., and generated for free.

Plagiarism reports – are now standard. Therefore, students should check, above anything else, for plagiarism policies and procedures to ensure original and high-quality papers.

Intuitively, students look for professional help in writing college papers or essays. Therefore, reviewing qualifications of custom writers is essential to ensure delivered work is aligned to specified requirements. There are, in fact, numerous ways to check on writer credentials. These include, but not limited to,

  • Reading “Writer Profile” (if available) on service platform;
  • Reaching out for customer service for further background;
  • Reading reviews written by external sources about provided services of a given platform; and
  • Trying out services, in shorter and less urgent papers, before, venturing into more complex and urgent ones.

This gives students a clearer idea of who is writing an important paper without regrets over losing money and grades. Indeed, clues are everywhere for students to double check on writer credentials. In addition to direct communication and reading reviews, students might read between lines by, for example, looking at profile images. Specifically, custom writing platforms are by definition designed for and around college students. As such, services

– and, for that matter, writers – in a given platform should reflect a college-student-oriented image. Consider a writer, purple-dyed hair, who, wishing to convey a sense of casualness, has pierces all over his face. This is, if anything, a barely professional image for a college essay writer, let alone for a platform selling custom writing services. Indeed, reputable platforms, e.g., only accept writers who are up to quality writing standards and professional conduct.


Central to a successful and rewarding purchase, students should check for different communication channels on custom writing service platforms. Currently, different platforms provide a range of communication methods to connect to customers (students). More communication channels is, generally, better. This is because students could field any inquiries, conveniently 24/7. Also, the service platform could ensure customers are happy and will return for more orders. The more investment a service platform makes in communication channels, chances are such a platform is more customer-oriented. Therefore, students wishing to check for communication channels on a service platform are advised to watch, for example, for:

  • Multiplicity of channels, on- and off-site, e.g. live chat, floating feedback, messaging boards, email, phones, etc;
  • Frequency of communication, i.e. 24/7, on an hourly basis, or daily;
  • Customer Service Agent readiness, i.e. punctuality, politeness, friendliness, etc;
  • Platform localization, i.e. using different languages and/or interfaces to communicate messages and engage customers; and
  • Urgency, i.e. how fast messages are answered, particularly for urgent orders.

The importance of communication in custom writing service platforms cannot be overemphasized. Given how mature the custom writing industry has become, customer communication is now largely standardized across service segments. Interestingly, despite platforms offering services in English remain dominant, more platforms in different languages and locations are offering similar services. As a general

rule, multiplicity of custom writing services by a platform is one good indication of platform’s reliability.

At stake in placing an order on a custom writing platform is money. Having so frequently heard advice of “Do not go cheap,” students are often at loss of how much should be charged exactly. There are, again, several good indications of how much custom essays online could, and should, be charged. For new customers, a general advice is to place orders of fewer pages and less urgency. For returning customers, placing orders on different platforms is a good option since new orders usually have discounts. Generally, however, all students/customers are advised to:

  • Read reviews about order pricing in different platforms;
  • Place multiple orders, if and when possible, on different platforms;
  • Negotiate prices with writers on platforms allowing so; and
  • Ask for refunds if orders need extensive revisions repeatedly.

There is also a fact many students often forget. The student placing an order for a custom paper is, after all, a customer. This means she is fairly eligible for quality deliverables and unlimited revisions if deliverables are not up to required standards. To make most of money paid, students should, moreover, identify platforms which offer consistent customer-writer communication to monitor writing progress. Time and money are, in so doing, saved before asking for a refund or a redo is too late.

Wrap Up

The custom writing service industry meets essential college needs. To ensure provided services are reliable and adequately priced, students are advised to check for plagiarism offerings (e.g. reports), writer credentials, communication and order pricing policy.

In doing so, students are better informed about best writing services for better college performance.

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