Rihanna Has ‘Secretly Become BFF’s With Megan Markle Since The Bajan Star Moved To London’

Pop princess Rihanna is said to have struck up a secret friendship with British Duchess Meghan Markle.

The pair reportedly became close after the “Work” singer moved to London.

A source told Radar: “Rihanna, 31, and Meghan, 37, have found similar interests to bond over and both appreciate the need for maintaining privacy.”

Rihanna Has ‘Secretly Become BFF's With Megan Markle Since The Bajan Star Moved To London'

Although Rihanna may have missed out on an invitation to Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding, she is friendly with Harry.

Prince Harry and Rihanna famously got tested together for HIV/AIDS in 2016 her homeland Barbados, to raise awareness for World Aids Day. 

“[Meg and Rihanna] actually have a lot in common in terms of style and a shared need for total privacy in their lives,” the source continued.

“They’ve bumped into each other a few times before Meghan was super famous and have a few mutual acquaintances on the Hollywood social scene who’ve put them in touch again recently.”

Rihanna Has ‘Secretly Become BFF's With Megan Markle Since The Bajan Star Moved To London'

The singer and Fenty entrepreneur shocked fans in May 2019 after revealing that she moved to the British Isles. 

According to Forbes, Rihanna’s wealth has surpassed the likes of Madonna who has reportedly amassed a fortune of $570 million (£448 million), Celine Dion with $450 million (£350 million) and Beyonce, who’s estimated to be worth $400 million (£314 million).

Speaking to The New York Times, RiRi said: “Money is happening along the way, but I’m working out of what I love to do, what I’m passionate about.”

Rihanna Has ‘Secretly Become BFF's With Megan Markle Since The Bajan Star Moved To London'

Meanwhile, the Grammy-winning singer’s love life is also blossoming. The 31-year-old was the picture of happiness, as she rested her head on the shoulder of Saudi businessman, Hassan Jameel. 

The pair shared a romantic boat ride in Capri, Italy, last week. 

“Rihanna and Hassan are not joined at the hip at all, they spend a lot of time apart but it’s not a sign of trouble,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“She loves that he gives her lots of space and freedom to maintain her own identity and career. He doesn’t put pressure on her the way guys she’s been with in the past have done, she’s entirely free to be herself.”

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