Senior Citizens Dating Changed Forever with New Websites

Senior citizens dating has changed completely forever with the emergence of new websites optimized towards senior dating. Sites like OurTime, as well as other partnership sites like SeniorPeopleMeet, as well as proprietary companies that create dating sites like and a few others have been making a wave. No longer do you have to actually go out and about when you’re old, retired, and don’t want to be completely social to find love anymore. In this guide, we’ll tell you how seniors everywhere are starting to have their lives changed by these sites, and how you too can join the fray of what used to be targeted directly towards youth.

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Senior Dating Sites are Like Old Classifieds

Some senior dating sites give the option to add video and audio greetings to their profiles, much like the dating ads in the classified of yesteryear. But what’s more important, is that senior sites are there to provide comfort and offer companionship to each other, more than just a regular dating site that is for “young’uns” which is more directed towards meeting and courtship. Most people who are older are more conservative, so senior dating sites keep this in mind. Not only that, they try to make things more useable by people for older generations by maximizing and targeting their methods of ease of use to make things easier to access and read.

Seniors Have Different Dating Needs

Most seniors don’t have a drive for things like sex and other things like the younger generation have. Not only that, but they don’t strive to get as much attention either. Nevertheless, they still do need some of that attention, and still have some needs and drives that need to be catered to. This is why senior dating sites are targeted more towards finding that rest-of-life companion more than anything.

Protect Yourself Online

When it comes to senior dating sites, many of those that are out there aren’t like the popular free dating sites out there. In order to be a member, you generally have to provide, and protect your identity. Seniors are targeted a lot by younger individuals from scams, to fraud, and even more. Therefore, it’s important that you’re well educated in these things, and many senior dating sites offer this advice free to their members frequently, so they stay safe.

That’s also why there are requirements to meet in order to join them. Many of them do offer free membership as well so you can get the feel of their websites, and if you like them, you can unlock more features by paying for low monthly, quarterly, and some even have 6 months of service that you can get for a cheaper price.


If you’re over the age of 50, and you’re looking for that special someone, it doesn’t matter whether you’re divorced, single, a bachelor or bachelorette, or even just someone who has lost their long-time spouse. What’s important is that you are not alone with your time comes, right? Most people don’t want to think about this, but many people who are older already know and realize this, so they can now change their lives and get that happily ever after by joining a senior dating website to find that lifelong partner they may not have.

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