Tips to help you grow your personal brand on social media

Therearemany social media tips out there regarding the use of all the platforms to your advantage. However, many of these tips will aim their use towards businesses that are trying to set up their own social media spaces and grow their brands. Now, this raises a question – how to grow your own personal brand.Do these tips necessarily apply?

Whilepersonal branding on social media is an interesting topic, it can be a bit overwhelming when you have no idea on what you should do or how you should approach it. You might resort to using Instagram auto followerthird party services for instance, just to boost your engagement rates – however, this may not always work, and they deny the chance for your personal brand to grow organically.

So what is it that you should do? How should you approach personal branding? Read on for some useful tips.

A short explanation on personal branding

When you think of a brand, you might only think of a business or company. However, they are more than just that – anyone can be a brand. In this way, you can think of personal branding as the way you present yourself to other people, both online and in person.

Social media is one of the greatest tools you can use to create and image and manage how you want others to see it. For social media, especially for Instagram, Useviral is a great tool. You may read Useviral reviews to understand their service quality. When you build a brand of yourself, it will bring you many benefits ultimately, including the opportunity for leadership, steady work from different clients, higher credibility, association with specific market niches, and so on.

How do I build my personal brand, then?

Select a few areas of expertise, mainly one to three

To answer this quest, you need to know what exactly sets you apart from other people – and there is definitely something. Once you know what this is, you are in a better position to set up the rest of the process.

An easy way of getting the value of your expertise is:

  • Deciding what you want people to know you for – it is best to be as specific as possible, because the market is flooded with people who offer the same line of service, so aim to develop yourself in a specific niche.
  • Social media is always the means to put your content out there, so aim to have great content in the niche you work in – this niche can be anything from your interests, passions, what you read most on, and so on.

Maintain the same image, profile name, imagery, and overall theme across all your social media profiles

When building a brand, you do not want people to be confused when they visit a different website or social media profile and wonder whether it is you or someone else. You must aim to build consistency in your profiles (all of them) – including Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.

The key to success in building a brand is making sure people will find you easily, and it creates a picture in their minds. The less variation you have, the more consistent you will be, and the easier it will become to be memorable.

How can you do this though? It’s easy, and it involves:

  • Reserving your name (and its variations) on all channels
  • Using a consistent name on all the channels you are currently using and others you will use in future – avoid nicknames or shortened forms of your name, unless you will use it everywhere
  • Use the same profile photo on all channels
  • Get an interesting or catchy bio or blurb to make others remember you
  • Have a consistent design appearance

Make sure to post every day on your most valuable social media accounts

Tips to help you grow your personal brand on social media

Making yourself easy to find is only half the battle – but you need to regularly share your stories, knowledge and enthusiasm with your audience. the key way to gaining followers and growing organically as a brand is having an active role on the social media channels you are already in, so the more you share, the more growth you will have.

In case you are wondering about the ideal frequency you should post to social media, there are some guidelines you can use. Just remember to always have a balance – do not post too much, otherwise you will irritate those who follow you, and do not post too little otherwise, you will have no engagement.There are also social media management tools that will help you schedule your posts and make it easier for you to put out your content at the best times.

Reach out to others through group chats or communities

The more consistently you post and interact with others, the more you will draw people to your brand. You can enhance this by having a proactive approach and becoming more involved with your community.

One thing you should remember is never holding yourself back when it comes to interacting with others, especially those who are more famous than you. Never let awe keep you from talking to them, and always be brave enough to strike out – you might just impress them. They can also become your mentors and help you with valuable advice along the way, teaching you to be as great as they are.

In addition, be willing to listen to others around you, and hear their stories. Part of growing your brand involves making a connection to other people and finding out about them, and they in turn will feel like you value them enough to listen. The more available you are, the more they will interact with you, and the more they will start to open up and share.


Growing your social media brand does not just involve likes, retweets, or comments – it involves establishing yourself as an authority, and cultivating relationships with your audience. the more open and friendly you are to them, the more they feel as though you are not hiding anything, and they will want to interact with you as frequently as possible because they feel valued – and that way, you will grow in strength.

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