Signs That You Have Iron In Your Water

Finding different contaminants in your water is not uncommon; however, some of these contaminants can have a detrimental impact on your health. To stay in tip-top shape, you need to inspect the water in your house every once in a while to make sure it is completely clean. Although Iron, one of the most dangerous water contaminants, can be found almost everywhere, it is more common in areas supplied with well water. So, if you notice any nasty stains or changes to the water’s color, the water might be full of excessive iron.

Thus, we have compiled a list of the telltale signs of iron contamination so that you can take the necessary steps to eliminate the problem.

The Dangers of Iron in Water

First things first, before you make any hasty decisions, you need to understand the dangerous impacts of having iron in your water. By using iron-contaminated water for drinking, cooking, and bathing, you are putting yourself in the line of fire. Thus, you might need to consider buying an iron filter; these top choices might be a good place to start if the sheer number of options on the market is overwhelming. Therefore, you will be able to buy the best filter that suits your family’s needs. Keep in mind that you need a special iron filter since not all water filters can remove iron. Not using a filter will make you vulnerable to the following:

  • Dry skin and wrinkles
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hemochromatosis, which results in pancreatic, liver, and heart conditions

Signs of Iron Contamination

Now that you know the possible health issues linked to using iron-contaminated water, you might be more worried than ever about finding out if your water has excessive iron in it. It is simple to determine if your water contains excessive iron by taking note of the following pointers.

1. Yellow, Orange, and Red Stains

Iron can completely change the color of your water to yellow, orange, or even red. It might be hard to spot this change if you fill a glass with water, but you can resort to other more visible places in your house to identify this problem. In general, you will be able to spot this issue when looking at your toilet bowl because it is always full. If you have an iron problem, you will notice yellow or red streaks in your toilet. Another place to check is your sink as orange or red stains can appear on the faucet and close to the drain, giving your sink a rusty look. Furthermore, you might also notice red stains or residue on your washed clothes.

2. A Metallic Taste

If your water has a funky, metallic taste, then you might be suffering from iron contamination. The food and beverages prepared using iron-contaminated water will also seem darker and more reddish than usual. In addition, you will notice this rusty taste in vegetables in particular because they absorb more water. So, once you notice this weird taste, quickly install an iron filter to avoid any health hazards.

3. Clogged Pipes

Nothing is more infuriating than slow draining pipes, but have you considered that iron might be the cause of such an issue? Iron can attach itself to anything it touches, which will lead to a serious build-up inside your pipes. Thus, if you notice that your pipes are always clogged and not functioning as they used to, or you find yourself suffering from reduced water pressure, excessive iron is to blame.

4. Yellow Teeth

It is one thing to notice that your water tastes off, but it is another to find the signs of iron-contaminated water in your own mouth! Whenever you drink beverages containing iron, eat anything that you used contaminated water to make, or even brush your teeth, iron will surely stick to your teeth. Instead of seeking the dentist or wasting your money on teeth-whitening products, investigate first to see if iron is the culprit.

Noticing any changes in the water at home can be extremely alarming because water is a part of everything we do, whether it be bathing, cooking, or watering our gardens. Iron, in particular, is a dangerous contaminant that can lead to various health issues, such as vomiting, dry skin, and liver diseases. So, if you live in any area that depends on well water and notices two or more of the above signs, your water is definitely full of excessive iron. However, installing an iron filter and consulting a professional will surely solve the problem in no time.

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