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Students To Note: The Top 7 Professions That Will Always Be In Demand

Today’s world is changing rapidly. Therefore, many young people are afraid that traditional professions will lose their relevance. They start looking for ” specialties of the future”. But some professions will not lose their relevance for a long time. In this article, we will tell you about the professions that may disappear the fastest and the professions that will always be in demand.

Professions that will disappear first

During the scientific and technological revolution of the mid-20th century, manual labor in some areas became automated, there were electronic devices and new materials for production. All this gave rise to mass unemployment. Because machines replaced thousands of people in industries. Now, with the development of Internet technology and artificial intelligence, some professions may also become a thing of the past. Then hundreds of thousands of people may be out of work. Analysts suggest that these professions may disappear in the coming decades:

  1. Many experts say there will be no accountants in the near future. There is already specialized software that handles accounting transactions and bookkeeping quickly and without errors. Some entrepreneurs even now do without accountants and keep records through Internet resources.
  2. The banking profession will probably become a thing of the past, as well. Now, most transactions can be done over the Internet. Over time, there will simply be no work for a cashier. Even now some banks don’t have their own offices – all transactions are done online.
  3. Translator is also a timeless profession. Translation services are getting smarter. In addition, real-time simultaneous translation technology is now being actively honed. This can be a handheld device or simply an app on your smartphone that instantly translates your interlocutors’ speech.

What professions will always be in demand

Despite progress, there are still professions that will always be in demand. 


Creative people can have no fear of robots taking their jobs. Machines can’t feel and they have no inspiration. Scientists have tried to robotize art many times before, but so far robots have not learned how to paint pictures or create sculptures any better. And nobody wants to see a theatrical production with machines playing instead of people.


Among the professions that will always be relevant, we can distinguish professional athletes and coaches. Of course, scientists have already created robots that score goals from the first kick. For example, Japan has made a basketball robot that easily scores three-pointers. But few people would want to watch a competition between machines that have no competitive spirit. They don’t have to constantly overcome themselves to win. Therefore, the sport is likely to exist as long as the human being himself.


 It’s safe to say that a doctor will always be on the list of perennial professions. Despite the fact that medical technology has stepped far ahead, progress only helps doctors, not replaces them. For example, robots help to perform operations with absolute precision. Or 3D printing is already being used to make skeletal parts or blood vessels. But robots still cannot completely replace medical workers. Because machines cannot make complex decisions, communicate with patients, and empathize.

Marketers and Journalists 

There are many tools in Internet marketing that are based on artificial intelligence. But it will not replace marketers themselves. You need a person who will manage all of this at the proper level, and who will come up with some new creative ways. The same with journalism. Artificial intelligence already knows how to write articles. But it’s just processed data. There is no in-depth analysis and catchy formulations. So marketers will continue to figure out how to entice us, consumers. And journalists will continue to hone their pen in the future.


 Engineers occupy a worthy place among eternal professions and specialties. They are needed today in almost any industry that introduces the latest technology. Engineers-biotechnologists, robotics, nano-engineers – the work of such specialists is popular and will always be needed.


You’d think robots would make great teachers. They don’t make remarks, never get tired, and know the whole textbook by heart. However, their lack of attention and emotions are more likely to be repulsive. And it is impossible to motivate a robot to study the way a teacher does. But technology makes life easier for teachers. Distance learning, electronic diaries, digital portfolios, interactive whiteboards – these technical innovations have already become a part of life, though recently they were a wonder. However, if you are a future teacher, you don’t have to worry. Besides school you can work in write my essay service or be a tutor. Anyway, you won’t be out of work.

IT specialists

 Thanks to progress, programmers, developers, and testers – are always necessary professions. People write algorithms and programs for robots themselves. They fix them, train them, and control them. IT specialists create educational applications and systems for universities and schools and improve doctors’ tools, and test programs. And the demand for them is only growing every year.

Now you know which professions are always needed. Of course, we cannot predict the future. But there will definitely be a demand for high-level professionals and the student services that help you become one.

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