The Leading Causes Of Road Collisions

Road accidents are a significant problem worldwide, and the injuries suffered by victims range from minor to severe and even fatal. Injuries such as whiplash, shoulder injuries, and even spinal injuries can even seem minor at first while ultimately proving to be substantially severe. Unfortunately, several instances can lead to a road collision. So, to be sure you are traveling on the roads while walking on the right side of the law, you should consider the following leading causes of road collisions to avoid an accident.

Distracted Driving

There are various reasons a driver can become distracted on the roads. However, the leading types of distracted driving include cellphone use, driving fatigue, GPS use, and even vehicle media player use. Unfortunately, because distracted driving collisions can happen instantly, it is best to pay attention to the road while driving and avoid using your cellphone and any other electronics while driving. Instead of taking your eyes off the road, you should instead pull over in a safe area to perform any necessary tasks before you continue driving. 

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving cases are among some of the most horrendous road accidents. What’s worse is that a drunk driver is unlikely to be as harmed as the victims as alcohol’s influence relaxes the nervous system, resulting in less severe injuries. Instead of driving after drinking, you should avoid the risk altogether and consider other road users’ lives when indulging in alcohol.


Speeding and disregard for the rules of the road are another leading cause of collisions worldwide. Regardless of your rush, it is best to abide by the speed restrictions and the other laws of the road to reduce your risk of being responsible for a road accident. As a driver, speeding means you will have significantly less time to react to any change or hazard along the road, increasing your risk of causing an accident substantially. 

Faulty Vehicles

Another leading cause of road accidents is the direct results of vehicle malfunctions. Instances such as smooth tires, brake failure, and various others can cause collisions. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and up to date with services. You should change your brakes often and keep your vehicle in pristine condition to avoid unintentionally causing an accident while driving.  

Unlicensed Driving

Unfortunately, driving without a license may seem harmless enough until a lack of driving knowledge and ability causes an accident that puts the lives of other road users as well as yourself at risk. Even though driving without a license is illegal, there are thousands of unlicensed drivers on the roads around the world. Instead of assuming that you can navigate the streets without a license, it is vital to obtain one to be sure you are abiding by the road laws. Should you be involved in an accident while you do not have a valid driver’s license, you will automatically be considered responsible for the collision regardless of the details of the event. 

Written by George K.

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