The Reasons for Preference of Dry Herbs Vaporizers

Vaping has taken the world by storm, and more people are adopting it thanks to the fact that it is said to be safer or healthier than smoking. The reason for this is that it does not involve the combustion of tobacco, which results in more toxic substances.

Furthermore, vaping presents vapers with many options regarding flavors, nicotine concentration, and if it is vaping cannabis, they have a choice of either dry or oil herb. Some vapers like both dry herb and oil herb vaping, but most tend to prefer one option or the other.

Nowadays, most of those who are into deep cannabis vaping seem to prefer dry herb vaping. So, what are some of the reasons why some vapers prefer dry herb vaporizers?

Dry herbs give more complicated natural flavors

Those who do both dry and oil herb vaping say that dry herb vaping presents more natural flavors than those you would find with oil herb vaping. Mildy grass tastes, as well as others, are some of those complex flavors delivered by dry herb vaping. The vapers compare dry herb flavors with natural vanilla while oils are akin to artificial vanilla. The flavors are similar, but natural dry herbs are deeper and more complex.

If you want to get great flavors from your electronic cigarette liquid, buy it from reliable and trusted vendors to get quality products. It would be best if you also bought other vape supplies like devices and batteries from trusted vendors.

Oils may be too potent

Vapers claim that oils tend to be more potent than dry herbs. They use the analogy of dry herb being like beer and oil being like shots of liquor. Although potent dry herbs varieties are also available, they are pale when comparing the content of pure THC and CBD with those of the oils on the market.

Vapers who are for an intense high will lean on the side of oils, but those who want a less intense high, maybe to complement other stuff, will go for dry herbs. But, as is the case with beer and liquor, some people prefer one over the other for their reasons. However, the claim about potency is more of a generalization because the THC content depends on the strain of oil or cannabis that one is using as opposed to the vaping device.

Dry herb vaporizers are easy to use

Although oil vaporizers can be more convenient to use, dry herb vaporizers are easier to clean. The latter also heats up faster for the simple reason that oil needs a higher temperature to vaporize. The fact that dry vaporizers do not require high temperatures implies small capacity batteries can be used, which are also likely to be smaller in size, thus an overall smaller size of the device.


Each of the two types of vaporizers has its advantages and disadvantages, although dry vaporizers seem to have more advocates. Nevertheless, you can enjoy both types, and while at it, ensure that you buy your supplies from trusted and reputable vendors. This to make sure you get uncontaminated and high-quality e-liquid. With such products, you can have safer and more enjoyable time vaping.

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