The trade secrets of choosing the right promotional product for any business

Research shows that every adult in the US owns multiple promotional products. More than 67% of the population owns promotional apparel and over 53% own promotional drinkware. One of the reasons every one of us secretly uses and loves these custom branded mugs, glasses, t-shirts, and coasters is because we love freebies. That is also the primary reason that almost all sorts of promotional products are highly successful in terms of promoting a brand name.

Why is choosing the right promotional products critical for your company?

We are well aware that promotional products increase brand visibility, and they can achieve marketing goals within a strict spending limit. Custom branding ball pens, notepads, coasters, and mugs don’t cost a bomb. New York is replete with companies that provide printing services to small startups as well as large corporations for their promotional campaigns. However, it is not just the printing job that requires superior quality. You also need to consider the quality of the products before you decide to hand them out to target consumers.

That’s the thing with promotional products. Your consumers will judge your company’s image and services based on the quality of the promotional products they receive from you. As long as the products you choose are of good quality, you can be sure that the recipients are conjuring a positive image of your brand. However, if the products are of lesser quality, you risk losing your current customers as well.

How should you pick your promotional products?

Getting your promotional products just right is no rocket science, but it isn’t a child’s play either. For example, does your company’s marketing team know that the popularity of each promotional product can vary according to the country of introduction? The influence can vary depending upon the state as well. The US audience loves USB drives, but the urban population of NY prefers branded drinkware. The quasi-urban and suburban consumers prefer promotional outerwear.

Before you pick out the promotional product, check out the extensive list of influential products in your state at Superior Promotional Products. Knowing the power of your product in your market can help you understand if you are making the right investment decision. Although it is common knowledge that promotional bags generate the strongest impressions, it is essential to find out if your target consumers like bags as well or would want branded hoodies or caps. That involves thorough market research, which your marketing team can find at the leading promotional products and printers in New York.

You will need a trustworthy promotional printing partner

What you need for promotional success is a reliable promotional partner. As we have mentioned before, a team with market experience is indispensable for your campaign success. It will not only make the decision-making process more straightforward, but you should also be able to access the best quality products and printing services at the lowest prices in NY.

Additionally, when working in conjunction with an experienced promotional product company, your team will have access to all the necessary resources that can track the progress of your campaign. That should make determining the ROI of any campaign strategy more accurate and straightforward that “guesstimating” the returns. Every business, no matter how big or small, requires access to market tracking tools that can monitor the impressions and increase in market penetration in almost real-time.

Don’t use promotional products for trade shows only!

Promotional products work amazingly to promote businesses at trade shows and expos, but you can put them to use during other times as well. When it is time to launch a new product or introduce a subsidiary brand into the market, you can use customized, branded products to boost brand recall. People who own promotional products almost always remember where they received it and the experience surrounding a brand event. It can increase the tangibility of the exposure for your target customer.

Using promotional products for disruptive marketing is also an excellent idea if you have the budget and resources. You can rely on event-based marketing coupled with promotional product distribution for boosting your brand’s visibility. Disruptive marketing is the 2019 norm, and it might be the only reliable way for small brands to make themselves visible in a crowded market. Using promotional products during your experiential marketing campaign can obviously help you in reaching a new audience, yet to assess your products and services.


Promotional products can have an uncountable number of purposes, and they can be of a wide variety. However, choosing the finest one, your money can afford should be your primary goal. Next, you should check the printing service quality and ensure that every potential customer, who receives your gifts, should use and enjoy the branded experience. That is the only way to spark joy among your target audience and create an entirely positive image of your brand.

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