Tips On How To Protect Your Data From Accidents And Recover It In One Piece

Accidents happen daily in every area of your life, and not even your data can escape it. However, just like how you can protect yourself from injuries from a car accident by using a seatbelt, you can also protect your data by doing these things.

1. Always BackUp

Nothing in this world can replace backing up your data to protect it from permanent data loss. Backup refers to the keeping at least a copy of your original data somewhere else other than its original location. Backup usually fails for most people as they never verify its completion and success until calamity strikes. Just like a stitch in time saves nine, so also diligent backup saves you the cost of data recovery.

2. Invest In Good Anti-Virus And Spyware Protection: As viruses can delete or tamper with files stored on a computer, it is essential to invest in effective anti-virus software that can protect your device from attack. No amount is too much to invest in the right antivirus software.

3. Password Protect Vital Files And Applications: Ensure to password essential files and applications to reduce the ease of accidental deletion. This is particularly important for public office computer or devices with multiple owners.

4. Protect Against Power Surges: Sharp voltage spikes can wipe data, so it is important to have an interrupted power supply. The use of UPS affords you the chance to save your document properly and shut down your system to prevent data loss. Also, surge protectors help shield your device from voltage spikes.

5. Practice Good Working Habits: Learn to partition your drive into a program and data zone. Should anything happen to the data zone, there is still a chance to recover your data intact from the program zone. Also, keep your devices in a dry, shaded, dust-free and well-ventilated area. Finally, if you are not using your device (especially computers) for long, shut it down instead of sleeping or putting in power save mode.

However, if you have followed the above rules or perhaps you didn’t, and your data fell victim of an accident, worry not as you can recover it.

Here is how you can recover lost data

1. First, check your trash or recycle bin on your device as you might have hit the delete button mistakenly. This method only works for accidentally deleted data not failed hard drives or damaged devices.

2. Make use of disc recovery software: This works by scanning your hard drive and allowing you to search for lost files using variables like location or file type. Disk recovery programs are user-friendly, however, they may pose a bit of problem to people with limited IT knowledge.

3. Get Professional Data Recovery Help: If you have tried the above options and failed, experienced IT professionals can help with this. Contact any company that offers data recovery services in your locality. If isolated cities like data recovery Perth can have data recovery services that have their back, then fret not over your data.

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