Too Strange to Be True: 10 Texan Laws That’ll Blow Your Mind (Literally)

Did you know that in Florida it’s illegal for restaurants or bars that sell liquor to host a dwarf-tossing contest? They can be fined up to $1,000 if they ignore this law! 

Or, that in Montana, it’s illegal for you to gift a friend a rat? If you receive a birthday or Christmas wishlist with this on it, and you live in Montana, you probably shouldn’t risk it! 

Sometimes, facts are stranger than myths. Read on to discover strange laws in Texas that are actually active and even enforceable.

1. Don’t Sell Your Organs

We’re not talking about pianos or church organs. In Texas, it’s absolutely illegal for you to sell human organs. 

It may seem like a pretty obvious law, but just so you’re aware, you cannot sell your eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin or other tissues and organs. You may, however, sell your blood or hair. 

So if you stumble across a lung, don’t get your hopes up that you can profit on it without receiving a fine of up to $4,000 or jail time for up to a year. 

2. Say No To Your Neighbor’s Garbage 

Yes, you read that right! 

You cannot, without their express permission, eat your neighbor’s garbage. It doesn’t matter how tempting those banana peels and rock hard bread loaves may seem!

If the temptation proves too much, make sure that you ask for permission first. 

3. Avoid Shooting Buffalo 

While we don’t agree with shooting buffalo at all, in Texas, you should avoid doing it from the second floor of a hotel. 

If you intend to participate in buffalo shooting, make sure that you do it from the first floor of your Hilton Hotel and certainly not the second! 

4. Hide Those Stockings

It seems like a flashback to the olden days for sure with this strange law in Texas. 

But ladies, if you’re visiting Dennison or Bristol in Texas, be sure to hide those stockings. If you decide to show them off, you could suffer the penalty of up to a year in jail. 

You may find yourself in need of a criminal attorney because you showed off those stocking-covered legs!

5. Don’t Collect Dildos

In Texas, you cannot have a collection of more than six dildos. So, it seems, it’s easier for you to have a large collection of deadly firearms than it is to have a collection of sex toys. 

We’re not entirely sure why the number is six, or how they would police this law, but be sure to keep those dildos hidden if you happen to own more than six of them! 

6. Encyclopedia Britannica Is Banned

If you’re a collector of Encyclopedia Britannica, then Texas isn’t the home for you. 

The ownership of this series was outlawed because inside there is the formula for making and producing your own beer at home. 

Perhaps your basement is the best place for you to store your Encyclopedia collection if you do have it. Aside from that, we suggest you don’t try to manufacture your own beer at home, and if you do, don’t share where you found the information. 

7. Windshield Wipers Warranted

You absolutely cannot drive a vehicle that doesn’t have a set of windshield wipers fitted to it. 

Having said that, the law doesn’t mention the windshield itself! 

So, if you find yourself the unlucky receiver of a smashed windshield, before you drive off, make sure that your windshield wipers are still very much functional, although there may be nothing for them to clean on your car. 

8. Give Criminal Notice 

In an effort to reduce crime, Texas made it a requirement that you give your intended victim 24 hours notice before you commit a crime against them! 

You don’t need to dash out and buy matching stationery to make this happen though, because according to this law, you can give the intended notice either in writing or verbally. 

9. No Feather Dusters In Public

Well, we’re not too sure about the origins of this crazy law, but be warned! You cannot use a feather duster to dust any public building in Texas. 

Best you head out and buy dusting cloths and other cleaning apparatus to get this job done! 

10. Shoes Are Required 

In some Texas towns, it is illegal to go barefoot without obtaining a permit first. We can see how this may be a cause for hygiene concern, but passing a law seems a bit harsh. 

If you’re hellbent on going barefoot, you can buy a permit to do so for $5, this helps you comply with the city’s laws of sanitation and upholding their appearance.  

Strange Laws In Texas: Honorary Mentions 

Although we’ve covered the wackiest and strangest laws we could find, there are a few more we think you should know about. 

Without further ado, here are our honorary mentions:

  • Do not go out and milk someone else’s cow, this is seen as petty theft and could land you with a rather hefty fine!
  • Going to help a friend with some maintenance? Don’t walk there with wire cutters in your pocket, it’s illegal! 

There is one more that seems to have no rhyme or reason: if two trains meet at a crossing, both need to come to a complete stop and neither train is allowed to move until the other has left the crossing. Um, what?

Crazy Laws Around The World 

It seems that breaking strange laws in Texas is not the only way you could find yourself in deep trouble. Some places around the world have some wacky laws that are unbelievable. 

It’s illegal to chew gum in Singapore, and you really shouldn’t hike naked in Switzerland. Both are punishable with jail time or hefty fines! 

The best we can leave you with is to ensure you brush up on the laws if you live in Texas, visit Texas, or you plan on traveling anywhere else.

If you are traveling somewhere though, head on over to our travel section to get your fill of essential information. 

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