Top 4 Reasons Why I Like To Play Table Tennis In My Free Time

I have been playing ping pong for over two decades already. And believe it or not, there’s no hint of weariness that is growing to me when it comes to sport.

Perhaps I just love the ping pong. I can’t get enough with the kind of thrill and fun that I get from this game.

Don’t get me wrong; I am a total sports junkie. However, the satisfaction that I get once I hold that paddle and ball is genuinely unparalleled.

These are the reasons why I am so into ping pong. But definitely, they are not the only compelling force why I keep on playing it!

Here are some of them!

It Is My Stress Reliever

My life in the past few years has been a roller-coaster ride. From moving to a new state to shifting to another career, all of these transitions became a heavy load that I have to carry.

I couldn’t imagine surviving without a stress reliever. Since I am not into smoking or drinking, the only way I can vanquish all the strains and pressure inside me is through ping pong.

I feel that every drop of sweat releases all the weariness and anxieties that I have. I just get lost in the game; it absorbs me so immensely that I tend to forget all the things that are bothering me.

As long as there is a high-quality ping pong table, a solid paddle, and an opponent to play with, I am always stress-free!

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It Makes Me Healthy

With my busy and erratic life, going to the gym is the last thing on my priority list. While I am quite eager to build and pump my muscles in a sweaty gym, my schedule disqualifies me to such endeavor.

Fortunately, I don’t really have to spend time at the gym to feel that I am robust and healthy. One way or another, I am quite confident that ping pong is the sport that keeps me from being flimsy and sick.

It is a cardio exercise. Those extensive and fast-paced rallies can really make your lungs and blood circulate.

My muscles get tough and “disciplined.” My body balance has been so refined because of the years that I hit the table.

Of course, let me remind you that ping pong is an excellent calorie-burner. I stayed lean over the years just because of it!

It Helps Me Socialize

I am not exactly an introvert. However, I always encounter this difficulty of making friends through the use of “usual methods” of saying “hi” and “hello.”

Fortunately, things are better for me whenever I am playing ping pong. Making acquaintances is a lot easier when I am holding the paddle.

You see, I am a frequent visitor in recreational centers. Specifically, I always head to where the ping pong tables are.

Once I am there, I ask people to play with me; sometimes, it is the other way around. It is a fun process of making friends, considering that you don’t need to undergo awkward talks.

In some instances, a select number of colleagues invite me to try their skills against me. Modesty aside, I am a known ping pong player in my workplace, so I am always the guy-to-go whenever there are competitions or small games.

It Disciplines Me

It was my father who introduced me to ping pong, and I could not be more thankful enough to him because of that. He told me that this game is more than just a way of having fun; it is actually a sport that can form values.

Reflecting the years back, one of the aspects that ping pong taught me is patience. It taught me how not to get angry or frustrated if I miss a shot or lose a game.

Ping pong also taught me the importance of hard work and persistence. Just like in life, you can’t get good in this sport if you don’t put your heart and soul to it.

And even up to now, ping pong is still teaching me that learning is a never-ending process. One’s growth should never be hampered; never stop playing.

In Retrospect

These are the very reasons why, even up to now, ping pong is still my favorite sport. I bet that it won’t change anymore, and I am completely fine with that.

I never found a sport that is as interesting and engaging as ping pong. Perhaps you might be able to find the same joys, too, once you have tried it.

That’s it for now! If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Written by nikola

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