Top-3 Outstanding Wallet Chains for True Bikers

Do you know who invented wallet chains? The predecessors of modern chains appeared many centuries ago when wealthy merchants started attaching money bags to their waists. Even cave people had some sort of a bag with provisions that they carried on their chests. However, the familiar wallet chain hit the market only in the 1950s when bikers started saddling their steel horses and were in the hunting for something to secure their billfolds.

Indeed, the original function of a custom wallet chain is to prevent valuable items from being lost. Bikers are used to storing their wallets in the back pocket of their jeans but this method has one major drawback – during riding, a wallet can slip out of the pocket unnoticed. When motorcyclists conquer hundreds of miles in a day, it is simply impossible to find a missing wallet and all the money it accommodates.

Top-3 Outstanding Wallet Chains for True Bikers

In addition to the lost-prevention function, a chain prevents theft. It is not very difficult to sneakily pull a wallet out of the back pocket but how far will a pickpocket go if this wallet is tied to its owner? Besides, when seeing a thick chain on a hefty biker, who would want to try their luck? Thus, biker chains have become a kind of don’t-mess-with-me accessory.

So, if you too feel the need to flaunt a biker wallet chain, here is my top-3 of best options.

1. Silver Solid Chain

The authentic biker metal is 925 sterling silver that features 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of everything else. Such a composition allows the alloy to be both attractive and heavy-duty. Sterling silver is tarnish-resistant and can really stand the test of time. It is nearly impossible to bend or break a silver wallet chain because conscientious manufactures mold them solid. Such an item will look cohesive with other biker accessories as well as bikes themselves since metal and motorcycle chrome details feature similar silver-ish appearance.

2. Brass Biker Chains

Although brass accessories are less widespread, they look the same mind-blowing as their silver peers. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Thanks to the former metal, brass has its distinguishing yellow hue. Unlike silver, brass tarnished pretty quickly. But don’t regard it as a disadvantage. Tarnishing touches upon only the upper layer of the metal giving it antique look. In the mass, the alloy remains strong and durable. Thanks to such properties, brass biker chains feature rugged appearance and retro vibe.

3. Leather Biker Chain

Yes, the durability of a leather chain is inferior to brass and silver items but it is a preferred option if you wish to create a cowboy or Western image. More often than not, these items are crafter from cowhide although you can also find exotic leather chains. If you spotted a crocodile or stingray accessory, grab it without any second thoughts. Reptile and stingray leathers are not only eye-catchy but also exclusively sturdy. The most popular design is three or more leather cords weaved together like a braid. Often, leather chains have loose cords that look like a tail. Both ends of a chain feature a metal clasp to attach it to a wallet and belt.

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