How to Better Handle the Excavator Hydraulic Pump After It Is Seriously Worn

Excavators use buckets to excavate materials above or below the surface of the carrier and into earth moving machinery that is transported or unloaded to the stockyard. The materials excavated by the excavator are mainly soil, coal, sediment and pre-pulled soil and rock. From the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of excavators is relatively fast, and excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction.    

An excavator is a typical construction machine that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The hydraulic part plays a very important role in the normal operation of the excavator.

After the hydraulic pump of the excavator is seriously worn, we should look up the cause of the fault according to the following three points and improve the system:

(1)Check the internal leakage of the boom cylinder. The easiest way is to raise the boom to see if it has a clear free fall. If the drop is obvious, remove the cylinder and check that the seal should be replaced if it is worn.

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(2) Check the control valve. First clean the safety valve and check if the spool is worn. If it is worn, it should be replaced. If there is no change after the safety valve is installed, check the wear of the valve stem of the control valve. The clearance limit is generally 0.06mm. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced.

(2)Measure the pressure of the excavator hydraulic pump. If the pressure is low, the adjustment is made, and the pressure is still not adjusted, indicating that the hydraulic pump is seriously worn.

In general, the main reasons for the failure of the boom load are:

a. Excavator hydraulic pump is seriously worn. The pump leaks seriously at low speeds; the pump pressure is slightly increased at high speeds, but the volumetric efficiency drops significantly due to pump wear and internal bleed, making it difficult to reach the rated pressure. The long-term operation of the hydraulic pump intensifies the wear and the oil temperature rises, thereby causing the wear of the hydraulic components and the aging and damage of the seals, the loss of the sealing ability, the deterioration of the hydraulic oil, and finally the failure.

b. The selection of hydraulic components is unreasonable. The boom cylinder is 70/40 non-standard series, and the seals are also non-standard parts. The manufacturing cost is high and the seal replacement is inconvenient. The cylinder diameter of the boom cylinder is small, which will inevitably make the system set high pressure. YBAS offers professional guides and detailed solutions to ensure efficiency.

c. The hydraulic system design is unreasonable. The control valve and the full hydraulic steering gear are connected in series with a single pump, the safety valve is set to a pressure of 16 MPa, and the rated working pressure of the excavator hydraulic pump is also 16 MPa. Hydraulic pumps often work under full load or long-time overload (high pressure), and the system has hydraulic shock, long-term oil change, hydraulic oil contamination, and the hydraulic pump wear is aggravated, causing the hydraulic pump casing to burst. Such a fault).


.Improve hydraulic system design. After many arguments, the advanced priority valve and load sensing full hydraulic steering gear were used. The new system can preferentially distribute the flow according to the steering requirements. No matter the load size and the steering wheel speed, the oil supply is sufficient, and the remaining part can be fully supplied to the working device circuit, thereby eliminating the power caused by excessive oil supply to the steering circuit. Loss increases system efficiency and reduces the working pressure of the excavator hydraulic pump.

.During the use, attention should also be paid to the correct use and maintenance of the loader. Regularly add or replace hydraulic oil, maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, and strengthen daily inspection and maintenance.

Daily maintenance is highly recommended. For seal kits, YBAS indeed can offer us all high quality.

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