Top 5 best destinations for a romantic getaway

When you meet someone you really connect with via a date site, one way of cementing your relationship is thinking of exciting activities you could enjoy together. In the initial stages, you might consider booking a table at a recommended restaurant or catching the latest movie at your local cinema. But if you want to plan an activity which will provide enduring memories, why not look into locations for a romantic getaway? Think of the smile on your partner’s face if you produced surprise travel tickets! Here are five of the most recommended destinations.


The USA’s southeastern peninsula is a perfect location for any romantic break because it offers such a diverse range of activities. If you love beachside holidays, there are vast stretches of golden sounds on both the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastlines. Here you can relax over cocktails; or if you are feeling more adventurous, indulge in a variety of watersports. There are many cities to explore, with Miami topping the list. No visit to the Sunshine State would be complete without spending time in any of the theme parks. Whether that’s Universal Studios, Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, or several others, the opportunities for thrilling rides, mouth-watering refreshments, and novel experiences are immense. Orlando is a very popular city in Florida and definitely is worth visiting. If you want to be able to drive around and explore the city, considering renting a car from


Ibiza’s beaches have been drawing thrillseekers from across the world for some time. By day, you can relax in a variety of ways, taking advantage of aquatic leisure pursuits, or simply lounging by your hotel pool beneath a parasol.  At nighttime, the island really comes alive, with a wide choice of fabulous eateries and bars, not to mention nightclubs allowing you to party until the sunrise. The following day you can retreat into the more sedate hinterland, exploring the many charming rustic villages. When the sun sinks into the Mediterranean Sea again, it’s time to repeat the whole cycle.


The capital of Italy is so synonymous with romantic weekend breaks it is nicknamed The City of Love. There are so many fabulous historic sites to explore, dating back to the Roman Empire. What outing would be complete without a trip to the Coliseum? Your day’s sightseeing can be broken up by sumptuous local cuisine in a variety of superb restaurants. There are also parks to be enjoyed and wonderful shopping arcades. The only issue you will have is trying to cram as many activities as possible into a relatively short space of time in a location which is also known as The Eternal City.


Scotland’s capital is steeped in ancient history, the city languishing below an extinct volcano with a centuries-old castle lurking at its summit. There are so many delightful sites to explore as you make your way down the hill from this fortress, with historic buildings around every corner. Add to this the numerous art galleries, museums, gift shops, and restaurants, and you have all the ingredients for a romantic getaway which will linger in your memory. The best time of year to visit is during the annual Edinburgh Festival, which takes place every August. The largest arts festival in the world, there is a mind-boggling array of events to enjoy.


When many people imagine paradise, a vision of Barbados is exactly what their mind conjures. This Caribbean retreat offers everything a romantic couple could possibly desire: palm trees, silver-sanded bays, azure surf, hammocks where you can watch the world go buy with cocktails to hand, and the scent of fresh seafood simmering on barbecues. At nighttime, you can dance beneath a vast ocean of stars while the intoxicating Calypso music reverberates.

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