Long Distance Relationships: Can They Work?

There are many reasons why the odds might seem stacked against a long distance relationship working. The opportunities to enjoy quality time in each other’s company are rare. It can prove difficult to make future plans together. Travel costs are a burden on your respective budgets. There may be temptations closer to home which prove hard to resist. Despite all these aspects, it’s possible for long distance relationships to thrive. Here are ways of making it work.

Look upon the opportunities, not the challenges

Rather than dwell on the negative aspects of a long distance partnership, keep focusing on the positive. If you are really into this person and can’t imagine a future without them, you will always find a way to overcome any obstacles placed in your path. You will hardly be the first couple to have found themselves in this situation, so you can take heart from the fact many people have surmounted the issues caused by geographical separation and managed to maintain a healthy and committed relationship. Think of how exciting it will be when you do touch base, compared to those in a relationship who live together and can end up taking each other for granted.

Ration your communication

It’s important not to get carried away when it comes to keeping in touch. It’s always better to send messages sporadically rather than bombard your partner with texts, emails or requests for video chats. Because you are separated by distance you must make allowances and not carry on as if you are in what could be termed a more traditional relationship, where you can arrange to meet up at any time. Remember the old adage, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

Harness technology

Whatever has caused this situation in the first place, whether you met in a dating chat room and live in different countries, or your partner has been forced to spend time away due to work or studying, there are many ways you can keep in touch; through texts, emails or phone calls. You can also make the most of web chat software, such as Skype or the many alternatives like different dating chat rooms. The important thing is to agree on a timescale for when you will be in contact, taking into account variations in time zones. Schedule the moments where it will be most convenient to catch up in the virtual environment. When it comes to face-to-face encounters through web chatting, you can use these occasions imaginatively, and feel free to get flirtatious.

If, for any reason, you will be unable to make a promised Skype call or phone chat, ensure you notify your partner well in advance. Never leave them in the dark for you not having been in touch at the pre-agreed time.

Collaborate when possible

You may be separated by some distance but there are always activities you can enjoy together. Say you have a favorite Netflix series you usually enjoy together. Continue watching this, so when you make contact again you can chat about the experience, cementing the fact you have so much common ground and you can still appreciate the hobbies or interest you share.

Plan time together

Perhaps the most important aspect of making any long distance relationship work is to look beyond your regular communications and consider how important it will be to actually meet face-to-face. With the advent of cheaper travel, there are always deals on offer, especially if you plan your journey well in advance. If it means saving up, by all means, focus on doing so. The important thing is to have something to look forward to, and which you can have fun planning in advance.

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