Traveling Italy: Charming Places in Tuscany

There are many charming places in Tuscany, no wonder so many people come to visit all year round. The area is blessed with sprawling forests, tall mountains, rivers, wildlife, and people that visitors find irresistible. Indeed, Tuscany, Italy is a natural world of wonder. If you are planning to discover Italy, Tuscany has some excellent places to visit.


Tuscany has several national parks including The Maremma national park which is famous for its hiking trails. The wildlife haven offers panoramic views as visitors walk the trails through pinewoods, marsh ground past ancient olive groves to the Monte Argentario peninsula. In addition to rich life on land, the vast national park has pristine beaches that many tourists seek out with passion.
The Val d’ Orcia National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its sporadic marble chapels and other wonders found nowhere else on earth. The sunflower fields, olive groves, mountain ranges and valleys in this landscape make it worth visiting any time of the year.
Parco Oreccchiela is a nature reserve with places you can eat and have coffee. The park is popular with hikers being right at the foot of Garfagnana Mountains. Kids are always amused at the small animal park.
For unspoiled views of woodlands and mountains, you must visit the National Park Forest Casentinesi. It is only a few kilometers from Arezzo in eastern Tuscany and therefore a beautiful place to connect with nature.


From quaint towns to sprawling beaches, Tuscany by the sea is a real charm for the traveler. Viareggio town in the north is lively all year round and plays host to the Viareggio Carnival which started in 1873. Castiglione Della Pescaia was once a fishing village but today, it is a lively town offering visitors a taste of the Tuscan lifestyle. The pier offers memorable sunsets but it is the restaurants and cafes that offer delicious Tuscany food. The upper town is built on a hill facing the sea and making for stunning views.
Principina a Mare is a hidden beach flanked by dense pine forests. A horde of activity waits at this location including kayaking down the Ombrone River or horseback riding through the countryside. Cala di Forno is another pristine stretch of the Tuscan coast secluded from the world by cliffs and bluffs of the sea. In this sand bay, you will be surrounded by wilderness so don’t forget to pack your own meals.


From the Alps to the Garfagnana, Tuscany has its fair share of mountains. These areas offer a lot to the traveler including magical views as they walk the trails to discover hidden gems. Ancient villages, castles, and fortresses high up on hills make exploring Tuscany’s mountains a real delight.
The weather in these mountains offers farmers a great opportunity to make wine and keep animals for food. It is no wonder some of the tastiest Italian cuisines comes from Tuscany. Wild animals and birds live protected in the nature reserves where Tuscany’s great mountains stand.
The landscape is so varied that sometimes you will be in the plains and others in the deep forest. The mountains are indeed a delight to explore if you love the sights, sounds, and tranquillity of nature.


There isn’t a spa experience good enough to match the one you’re likely to get in Tuscany. Away from the bustling city in Maremma, are a number of natural warm pools where people bathe to enjoy health benefits of sulfur. These gems are well preserved and maintained to offer visitors a luxurious spa experience. If you are not into swimming in sulfur, try one of the many relaxing spas in the city for an unmatched, invigorating experience.
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