Turn The Nesting Phase Of your Pregnancy Into A Ton Of Fun With Peel And Stick Wallpaper.

Stick Wallpaper

Are you planning to make a cozy and magical nursery for the little one based on your best imagination? The planning and pinning and creating a nursery involve so much fun. Dressing an apartment or a house seems simple until you get to the moment of taking the action. You can easily come up with your dream nursery for your kid by incorporating adhesive wallpapers. Moreover, you can as well include peel and stick nursery wallpaper in a room that will create an instant change in style. Wallpapers, if used correctly they can change the look and the character of a room completely.


This is the instinct or the burst of energy associated with women in the last few weeks of pregnancy. It is a source of inspiration that makes the women clean the house while organizing it in preparation for the baby’s arrival. It starts towards the end of the third trimester or around 39 weeks of pregnancy or even a few weeks before the due date.

The nesting period ensures that one prepares and gets ready for the incoming newborn. It comes as an instinct and it is associated with increased amounts of adrenaline in the system during this period.

Nesting is productive and drives many human moms to sweep out the garage and pair up stray socks. During this period one should be very careful and should avoid risky business and activities that can lead or result in any harm. You should take breaks during the period to ensure that you are in good health in case you overdo anything as it can result in fatigue. This can be overwhelming as you should be strong and healthy as you approach the tail end before you deliver.

Therefore reorganize the closet, spice the rack, and thwart dust bunny breeding efforts under the bed and welcome pre-labor ritual that will help you get the home ready for the baby as you pass time.

Importance of the adhesive wallpapers

They come with faster turnaround time-Installing wallpapers is faster as compared to painting the walls. Moreover putting up with a room that is being painted or has been painted recently brings a lot of disadvantages. As a pregnant mother preparing for a kid you can opt to have the wallpaper theme that you can have installed in 24 hours without any problems.

They can complement any theme.-With the wallpapers, they change the look of the room instantly. There much to choose from vinyl, textile embossed finishes among others. Neutral prints in gold, beige, and cream can as well complement bold and subtle furnishing bringing out a timeless appeal.

They are easy to clean- With regular vacuuming or the use of wipes, you can bring out the best on the wallpaper. You can as well buy wallpaper dough that can be found in select paint shops or wallpaper outlets. If rolled on the wall the dough accumulates the dirt off the surface easily. This can be the best for your kids’ room where even the cleaning will be easier.

Longevity-They can be efficient and sustainable for up to 10-15 years as compared to [paints that you have to re-do every 3-5 years. Thus they are durable and can serve the purpose for a long time.

They act as suitable cover-ups. Being a young mother, the kid’s room might be in dull colors. However, if you include the wall papers, they can be covered without a realization of the condition.

How to install peel and stick wallpaper

If you have an old closet system, the first thing is to patch the holes and prim the entire closet. Start on either of the sides by measuring and getting the right length of the wall.

Once you have the measurements you can go ahead and install the first strip. The first strip might make or break the whole project in your kids’ room. Therefore you should be very careful and ensure that it follows the marking on the wall.

Depending on the size of the room, peel about 12 inches of the paper and start at the ceiling. It is important to leave an extra size at the top of the ceiling. You should line it up on the right side ensuring it is on a straight line. You should install the strip by ensuring that it is in line with the markings on the wall.

Use a plastic smoother to ensure it is properly fitted on the Wall. You should move it from top to bottom while peeling the back off and using the smoother to push any air bubbles down.

On the bottom, you should use a plastic smoother as your guide while running the utility knife along the edge of the baseboard as you trim it. The same should be done o the ceiling to trim the excess. Go over the same once again while making sure that all the air bubbles are out and that it is firmly on the wall. The best thing with peel and stick wallpaper is that you can easily lift it back up and re-adjust as you proceed to stick it.

When you run out of wallpaper, you should open a new roll and match the pattern on the bottom of the strip. Cut a new piece and place it few inches underneath the bottom piece. With such patterns, you should be in a position to hide any resulting imperfections.

At the corners, you should curve the peel and stick wallpaper instead of cutting it. This ensures that the corners disappear, creating a seamless look.

After doing this a new look is present and it is unique. You can be sure that the beautiful wallpapers that have been put in place will impress the incoming kid. With this, you can comfortably prep the room as you await the new occupant confidently. The room is in order and the nursery is ready for usage.

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