5 Benefits of the Escape Room Experience for Kids

Nowadays, it seems like kids just want to sit around staring at Fortnite on their phone (or whatever it is that they are doing). Of course, a sedentary lifestyle like that is less than ideal for their proper growth and development.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. However, we do have to get a little creative if we want to break the mold and get our kids out and about.

Have you considered treating them to an escape room experience? Read on to learn more about them and the benefits they can have for children.

New to the Escape Room Experience?

Escape rooms have been around for years and are continuing to grow in popularity. They consist of rooms in which the players must look for clues in a certain amount of time.

If they are successful, they will figure out how to escape the room. It is basically a live-action treasure hunt and puzzle rolled up into one fun-filled adventure.

Top 5 Benefits of Escape Rooms for Kids

When children play an escape room for kids, they must challenge themselves in ways they may not be used to. This forces them to use different parts of their brain.

Here are the top five benefits of the escape room experience.

1. Teamwork

In order to escape, it is necessary to communicate and work as a team. This introduces the child to a new way of thinking.

This prepares them for group projects and being part of a team.

Also, it is a great way for them to socialize and strengthen their friendships.

2. Puzzle-solving

When you see the room to escape, you might be a little confused. Solving one of these rooms requires you to use your thinking cap.

There will be clues but if you can’t solve the puzzle, you will not get out before time is up.

This is a challenge that requires some serious critical thinking. It is enough to stump plenty of adults, too.

3. Abstract Thinking

If you want to get out of the escape room, you are going to have to think outside the box.

You never really know what is truly a clue and what is just part of a wild goose chase. Many of the clues are not straight forward.

These types of challenges help your child keep an open mind and think abstractly.

4. Confidence Building

Using your brain to solve clues with your friends and family is great for self-esteem. Even if they fail to solve the puzzle, they will love the fact they were given the shot.

Don’t be surprised if they gain a certain inquisitive side. They may even want to know how to make an escape room for themselves.

5. Fun for All

Finally, and most importantly, everyone will have a blast. These are the type of positive memories your children will cherish for years to come.

Can You Escape? 

Puzzle-solving, teamwork, and lots of fun are all parts of the escape room experience. Kids have the most to benefit but really this is for everyone! Get the kids and their friends together. Treat them to a healthy experience they will never forget!

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