Types of Properties to Consider When Looking for a Medical Office Space for Lease

Medical Office Space for Lease

Medical clinic space is a unique type of commercial property. Due to concerns about privacy and other restrictions, these facilities may have more stringent standards than a regular workplace.

Each healthcare property has advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s vital to know about them to make an educated judgment when looking for a medical office space for lease.

What kind of healthcare estate would best suit your requirements? Here’s a deeper look at some of the most prevalent medical rental properties available today.

  1. Traditional Office Structures
  2. Campuses of Hospitals
  3. Retail or Shopping Center Space
  4. Medical Office Buildings
  • Traditional Office Structures

When you open a medical practice in a standard office building, you usually have access to amenities as toilets and seating areas. Typical office facilities are also frequently cheaper than those offered on medical estates, commercial buildings, or shopping complexes, but this is not always the case.

Many physicians and other healthcare professionals prefer conventional office spaces because of the light, window views, and ambiance it provides.

  • Campuses of Hospitals

Many doctors purchase medical real estate near or in an already established Hospital campus. The main reason for doing so is to receive recommendations from the institution. Your patient may appreciate simple access to the nearby facilities and medical care at a hospital if you choose this medical property.

  • Medical Office Buildings

Aside from the evident lack of real estate near a hospital campus, some healthcare professionals prefer to acquire specialized medical office real estate. This gives them advantages similar to having your clinic inside a Hospital campus.

You can also find a medical office space for lease. Recommendations from local healthcare professionals are also available for such rental spaces.

  • Retail or Shopping Center Space

One alternative is to purchase an existing retail space or shopping center and convert it into a medical office. While there may be abundant parking for patients and great exposure due to doing so, the pricing of these spaces often reflects these advantages.

However, these spaces may require some customization to meet the specific needs of a medical practice. For instance, privacy is paramount in patient care areas, which is why partnering with skilled restroom partition manufacturers becomes essential. Alongside this, creating additional private consultation rooms or installing soundproofing in existing walls can further enhance the patient experience, ensuring confidentiality and comfort in every part of the practice.

Factors to Consider While Renting or Purchasing Medical Real Estate

There are several factors to consider while looking for the finest office space for your medical business. Use this checklist to figure out what to look for, what questions to ask, and what you may reasonably anticipate from your landlord.

Affordability: Prices differ from one submarket to the next and from one property to the next. To guarantee you’ve discovered and achieved the best possible deal, use a renter rep broker who is familiar with the local healthcare office space market.

Accessibility: Patients will have a considerably harder time finding a doctor’s office if it is tucked away in a maze of side streets. Patients can get to the clinic in less than two turns from the highway or another significant traffic channel.

Newer Property: Newer premises (including so-called “medical” office buildings) are better for your clients, who may be paying a lot for your solutions. They’re also more likely to incorporate the infrastructures you’ll need for your business.

Designated Parking: A decent parking ratio is required for clinics that handle many patients — at least four to five parking spots per 1000 sq ft to minimize crowding. Reserved parking, disabled parking, and pick-up and drop-off areas are beneficial factors.

The ideal scenario is for all surrounding practices to refer to one other, resulting in complete synergy and no rivalry.

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