Understanding Handlebar Fitment

One of the toughest challenges that a biker faces is the problem of handlebars. Often, you get to hear that a biker just wants his hands around 2 inches more backwards. But, to get this effectively, you need know the right dimensions of your present bar. However, if you don’t have those details, then it is important that you understand how things should be measured.

Firstly, keep one thing in mind that not every motorcycle handle manufacturer measures bars in the similar manner. Thus, the dimensions on paper may be different in person. Manufacturers hesitate to opt for a uniform measurement system thus you cannot compare them

The other important dimension parts are width of the centre part and on T-bar. You need to know how deep they go before they bend. A T-bar may have similar dimensions but be of different appearance. You can use different T-bar designs when going for best motorcycle mods.

Other factors to consider when buying handlebars are given below:

Centre Width: Handlebars are different bars for different manufacturer bikes. The reason for this is that every bike has different riser spacing. You have different handlebar centre width for Harley and an absolutely different one for Kawasaki. This is the reason why measurement is so important. Usually bars have knurls (available in cross pattern or straight line) laid into them to avoid them from getting slipped into the riser. When you opt for a set of standard bars for your bike, these knurls can be seen but they are literally unsightly.

Drilled and dimpled There are basically different types of fitments and configurations available for you. the difference in configuration depends on the type of model you are going for. The new handlebars come with dimple to permit space for wires. However, you can also go for internal wiring if you purchase bars which are drilled for the same.

Overall width: You need to measure right from one grip tip to the other one.

Pull back: Measure the straight back i.e. the place from where the handlebar mounts to where the grip end stops.

Height: measure directly upwards from the highest point of the bar to the end of the handlebar

End rise: Measure directly upwards from the bottom of the bar to the point where grip tip ends.

Handlebars add persona to your bike but it is very important to know the technical difference before you decide to choose the new set of bars. You can add custom style and comfort by selecting the right correct set of bars for your bike. Handlebars are the right way to make a statement and renovate the look of your bike. But remember you have a number of options and right measurement to deal with. So, ensure that you get the right fitment for your bike. You can choose from Ape Hangers, Dresser Bar, T-bar, Z-bar, Drag Bar, Beach Bars, Stock bars and many others. You can also seek help of professionals and find the best one which fits your bike aptly. You can easily place the order online from a reputed online store. You have plethora of brands to render you with best aftermarket parts. Mikuni carburetor is one of the best aftermarket product which you can get for your bike. So, go ahead and place your order for all aftermarket, OEM and ATV parts at

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