What to Know Before You Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest and Africa’s highest free-standing mountain with snow-capped peak. In order to walk through this walk-able mountain, one has to pass through 5 different climatic zones including alpine desert, glacial arctic, and rainforest etc. Though climbing Kilimanjaro does not need any formal training still it is a bit tricky. The tips provided here can help you to make your trip easier.

Find an operator for your trip: Your chances to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro can increase with the help of a right tour operator. He will not only organize your trip but can also provide you with an experienced guide and support in case of an emergency, which you may not get by hiring an independent guide. But while selecting a tour operator your focus should be on safety instead of cost only. It can improve the success rate of your trip

Choose a proper time for your trip: Though you can climb Kilimanjaro round the year still it is better to plan your trip from January to March or June to October as the days are pleasant and warm during these periods. You may need warm clothing round the year while climbing Kilimanjaro. You should avoid April, May, and November for this trip as they are wet months.

Prepare for your trip: Though formal training for mountaineering is not required while climbing Kilimanjaro still you should be reasonably fit to walk long. So before going on this trip you should improve your stamina by practicing hiking in your hiking shoes. It will familiarize your body to exertion as well as reduce the chances of blisters on your feet.

Choose the route of the trip: You can climb Kilimanjaro mainly from seven routes with different levels of difficulty, scenic beauty, and traffic. So before starting your trip, it is important to choose the right route for you. The time taken to complete your trip will depend upon your route. The route through Marangu is considered the easiest one whereas the success rate is high from Lemosho, Northern Circuit, and Rongai.

Pack cautiously: While packing your backpack for climbing Kilimanjaro you should pack every important thing but also keep it light in weight. Layers of warm clothing are important to face different climatic conditions. Other important things may include protection from sun, basic first-aid kit, a quality sleeping bag, spare batteries, photocopies of insurance and passport and some cash money. Some items for extensive safety like a defibrillator and oxygen can be arranged by your tour operator.

Get familiar to climate: People usually fail in summit attempts on Kilimanjaro due to altitude sickness. So to avoid such things you should choose the route that rises gradually even if it takes a longer time to complete the trip. Even fit and well-trained climbers can be affected by altitude sickness. So you need not worry much in this regard but you should know its symptoms before starting your trip.

The budget for your trip: The cost of climbing Kilimanjaro may range between $2,500 and $ 5,000 which may include the cost of food, camping, parking fee and transportation cost along with the fees of porters and guide. Your cost can also depend on the route you choose.

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