Uses For A Garden Room

With their warm and intimate appearance, wooden garden rooms have an unrivalled charm. In vogue in recent years, they are increasingly popular. If you are hesitating to build a garden room, find out what uses can be made of it and the advantages of wood for such a construction. If convinced, you can buy garden rooms online here.

Which uses for a garden room ?

  • Leisure space: a garden room can be used as a leisure space, whether as a sports room, games room, music room or creative space for more privacy and concentration. You can install your weight bench or punching bag. Why not also put your table tennis table, table football or pool table there? Have you also thought about using this space as a playroom? In addition to the traditional garden shed or small house, a garden room can also be used as a play area for your children. It is therefore a complementary space to a children’s room that can be dedicated solely to this.
  • Music room or creative space: for musicians and modern and creative arts enthusiasts, you can also consider using your garden room as a music room or creative space. When you play certain musical instruments such as drums, you like to let yourself go without having to pay attention to the noise. Moreover, for those who like to draw or paint, you need to be quiet and have your own corner to concentrate and let your imagination run wild.
  • Workshop: a garden shed can easily be transformed into a workshop, whether it be for cutting wood, for small assembly, disassembly, sawing etc. This room can also be used as a gardening workshop to store your pots and seeds, prepare your seedlings etc.
  • Additional living area: very often, garden rooms are set up as additional living space. It’s up to you to make it the perfect place, whether it’s for a bedroom or a kitchen or relaxation area. If you have guests and you don’t have enough rooms to accommodate them, then this space can be transformed into a bedroom for overnight stays or for a few nights. Depending on your wishes and needs, it is also possible to install a lounge, a cozy space or a summer kitchen in this space.
  • Workspace:  small wooden buildings can also be used as an office, whether or not it is for professional activities. If you are a consultant, a self-employed person or even an employee and you like to vary your working places, a garden room can make a difference. It is also an ideal quiet place if you need peace and quiet to do your accounts, your budget, answer emails, write a report etc.

 Why to choose a wooden garden room?

  •  Ecology: wood is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material. Most builders today use wood from certified, sustainably managed forests. Moreover, wood requires very little energy to be transformed into building material and does not generate waste. Its use as a building material requires 80% less water than a conventional building site and its high capacity to store CO2 makes its carbon footprint irreproachable. 
  • Sustainability: when properly maintained, wood is an extremely robust material. Its density makes it resistant to both time and weather. For economic reasons, pine is the most popular species for construction. Once treated in an autoclave (essential for the longevity of the structure), it becomes very resistant to temperature and humidity changes.
  • Aesthetics: integrating outdoor structures into your garden is not always easy. As a natural material, wood is the most suitable and often the most discreet solution. It brings a warmth and at the same time blends in perfectly with the surroundings. A wooden garden building can be placed in a small grove, next to a flower bed or next to a swimming pool. In addition, wood offers a wide range of textures and colours and can be painted to suit your tastes and desires.

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